Wizard Walls, protect the sheep

Vicious Trolls and Goblins are attacking the village and sheep are your first line of defense! Since their primary role in this world is not to win fights against mythical beings, you will have to land a hand by using powerful magic to counter the incoming boulders. Only in Wizard Walls for Android.

Wizard Walls is an original defense game where you help protecting the local village against horde attacks and keep your sheep, townsfolk and dragons alive. You do this by “drawing” angled lines on your touch-screen to create shields that will bounce the rocks back to the attacker. Once you defeat all the attackers, you get to collect the coins allowing you to purchase additional spells and power-ups.


There are 5 different game modes to play, featuring different objectives and enemies to bash on. You can test your line drawing skills across 25 levels that can be 3-starred for maximum points and more coins. Another set of 25 levels will be added in near future, accompanied by achievements and global leaderboards.

Since Wizard Walls is actually a port of the same flash based game that has been around for years, certain features (levels, google game services) are missing and should be fixed in later updates.  Furthermore, the game runs in 4:3 aspect ratio, leaving thick black bars on both screen sides that not only look ugly, but also narrow the playfield which can be quite annoying, especially on small screen devices. Other than this, Wizard Walls is a great casual defense type of game that can be downloaded for free. Ads can be seen now and then, but that’s about it.

Game Features:
* Great defensive gameplay, where you bounce rocks and sling spells to help defeat the enemy hordes!
* 25 levels with more to come in later releases!
* Six spells to buy and unlock, each with its own ranks and power-ups!
* Enjoyable by all ages, especially 4 and up!
* Five fun and frantic game modes that keep you on your toes!

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