Valkyrie Connect X Puella Magi Madoka Magica Collab

Ateam Inc. proudly announces the collaboration between their smarphone fantasy RPG Valkyrie Connect and Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie, Part 1: Beginnings and Part 2: Eternal. Valkyrie Connect already surpassed 14 million downloads (across platforms) and seems to be getting even more popular with both Android and iOS gamers.


Valkyrie Connect X Puella Magi Madoka


The crossover event will be taking place between 2018/7/4 (Wed.) 09:00 and 2018/07/20 (Fri.) 06:00 UTC, during which magical girls Mami, Madoka, Homura and more will be making an appearance in the world of Valkyrie Connect. Players that decide to log-in on daily basis will receive exclusive collab gear “Kyubey” and other valuable items. Additionally, players can cooperate to fight off the Sweets Witch in Connect Battles, and play “Puella Magi Cards” for a chance to obtain the collab hero Mami and other great rewards.




Full content update follows:


▼Collab Heroes

Get the Exclusive Collab Gear “Kyubey”!
Useful Items from Login Bonuses!

To celebrate the collab, helpful items will be available from login bonuses. “Kyubey” can be obtained on the first day, and “Mami’s Uniform (Sp.)” can be obtained on the seventh day. Other great rewards will also be available.

▼Collab Gear: Kyubey
Skill: Seal of Magi
Effect: Increases all stats to wearer and nullifies stat down affects.

▼Collab Gear: Mami’s Uniform (Sp.)
Skill:There Is Nothing to Be Afraid of
Effect: Deals magical light damage to nearest enemies and inflicts Reckoning.

Add Mami to Your Hero Pool by Playing the “Puella Magi Cards”!

“Puella Magi Cards” are a special event exclusive to the collab and the only way to obtain Mami. Drawing cards gives players a chance to obtain the hero Mami, the “Mami’s Gun” and “Training Golf Club” gear, and other great rewards. To draw cards players will need Coins. Coins can be obtained from bingo, the story events, and Connect Battles.

▼Exclusive Hero: Mami TomoeMami Tamoe
Initial Rarity: 3☆
Type: Ranged
Race: Human
Voice: Kaori Mizuhashi
Skill: Trio Finale
Effect: Deals magical light damage to nearest group of enemies. One of those enemies will be hit again and suffer from the Reckoning status effect.
Passive: Gives a slight HP boost to allies with the least HP.
Limit Burst: Fimbulvetr

▼Exclusive Gear: Mami’s Gun
Skill: Magical Bolt
Effect: Deals magical light damage to closest enemy, increases magical attack of allies with highest magical attack and boosts skill gauge.

▼Exclusive Gear: Training Golf Club
Skill: Have Hope
Effect: Multi-hit dark attack to closest enemy.

5 Chapter Collab Quest: “Trapped by Fate (Part 1)”!
Defeat the Stage Witch and Obtain Exclusive Gear!

In the collab quest, “Trapped by Fate (Part 1)”, players can enjoy an original story spanning five chapters. An exclusive item, “Ribbon of Determination”, can also be obtained by clearing all the quest missions.


To download Valkyrie Connect simply follow the link below. The game is free-to-play with optional IAP’s.


Source: Press Release

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