Crazy Taxy: City Rush announced, the first game is now free

SEGA announced that their newest mobile project Crazy Taxy: City Rush is well underway and should be available later this year. To keep you busy while waiting and as a special ‘thank you’ to longtime SEGA fans, the first game, Crazy Taxi, is now free to download across all mobile platforms for a limited time.


Crazy Taxi: City Rush was designed for and will be available exclusively on Android and iOS (sorry WP). The game features brand new touch-optimized controls with neat features like swiping to change lanes or whip around corners. The all-new big city setting brings in new missions, challenges and areas to explore while playing the main campaign. Cabs will be fully customizable by purchasing various parts that can improve their performance and visual appeal. Finally, the game will be released later this year as free-to-play title, but the business model remains a mystery for now.

And here is the freebie:

Crazy Taxi Classic
Crazy Taxi Classic
Developer: SEGA
Price: Free


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