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Bighead Flyer

What if your Superpower was having a “BIGHEAD” full of hot air? Could you fly like a bird? Help “BIGHEAD” navigate the treacherous skies in this awesome arcade hit!


– Tap the screen to float higher
– Avoid the oncoming traffic, crates, & birds
– Be the best “BIGHEAD” you can be

Warning: This game has an evil surprise waiting

– Simple & addictive gameplay
– Beautiful graphics
– High scores
– Hilarious sounds effects

With great power, or a really “BIGHEAD”, comes great responsibility!!

*Author’s Description*

Bighead Flyer - Superhero
Bighead Flyer - Superhero
Developer: Freelance Games
Price: Free+
  • Bighead Flyer - Superhero Screenshot
  • Bighead Flyer - Superhero Screenshot