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Pigs in War is currently free on the Play Store for a limited time. Grab this cartoonish turn-based strategy game now and keep it forever in your account.


Pigs In War – Strategy Game


Turn the other pigs into a barbecue with your bazooka of acorns and show who’s boss in the pork farm, because this is not just a turn-based strategy game, it’s also one of the best action games you can find on the battlefield. .. And what a battle!



Action games? Strategy games? Do you like them? Because you will love these adorable pigs who make fun of the enemies and show that they are the best by first coming to the aid and ammunition packages for their weapons.


Characteristics of Pigs at war:


– Simple and fast turn-based war mode, easy and intuitive control.
– Tutorial so you do not get lost at the beginning of the battle. Try all the weapons!
– More than 50 countries that rule like a pig!
– More than 15 types of weapons of all types You will love this pork war!
– Enjoy the fight in local multiplayer mode (does not contain online multiplayer mode but will be included in future updates)
– Play 2 vs 2 with friends sharing your mobile Only with one download!
– Weapons of all kinds, classic, modern and … sows!
– More than 10 types of scenarios for the most epic fight.
– Customizable pigs To be the most adorable little pig! disguise it to your liking.
– More than 20 types of mocking phrases “Eeey macarena” “I’m the ham holder” and many more.
– More than 15 hours of fun in the most fun war … Marranos in war will revolutionize the continents.
– Updates with more weapons, scenarios, and pigs.


Current price free, down from $1.20

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Angry  Pigs
Angry  Pigs
Developer: Epic Forge
Price: Free
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