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New Game – Turd Birds
Posted on: July 12, 2013 In: , ,
One of the nominees for crappiest name of the year will certainly be Turd Birds, an endless runner tap-to-crap type of game, straight out from the developer that brought...

Retroid, brand new Arkanoid remake
Posted on: July 10, 2013 In: ,
brick in the wall If Breakout is Arkanoid and it’s running on droid in retro style, then it must be Retroid! A brand new Arkanoid remake with polished graphics,...

New release: Busy Beaver
Posted on: July 7, 2013 In: ,
Busy as a Beaver From the team that ported Frozen Bubble on Android, comes Busy Beaver, a mixture of arcade and puzzle type of game. In short, it involves...