We are former gamers who got married, got kids and had to change the gaming platform to something more portable so we can hide and play in peace. We decided to start this blog in order to share our experience about gaming on the Android platform with the rest of the world. AndroGaming is dedicated Android gaming blog, we provide reviews and news about upcoming games, updates and share our tips the best way we can.


We try to stay up to date and provide the most recent news we find on the internet. If we miss something out, by all means tip us.


How do we rate


Reviewing a piece of software is not an easy job. There are number of factors to take into account when forming the final score such as visual appearance, the sound effects, the gameplay, replay value, bugs, ease of use and the overall value. We try to approach every game we review as objectively as humanly possible, however each author is entitled to his (or her) own opinion, which may or may not differ from your own, so keep that in mind.


The final score is the sum of all positive and negative impressions the author experienced during the review. Reading all the pros and cons will give you pretty clear idea of what to expect.


For how long do we play before submitting the review


This largely depends on the game being reviewed. We tend to finish the entire game before making the final judgement, unless we are reviewing a game without definite ending or endless runner type of game. Following the recent “freemium” trends, some games are impossible to “finish” unless the developers provide a special review copies. In this case, we try to translate our gaming experience for the given time and explain the “freemium” model used in the game reviewed.


Navigating Around AndroGaming website


The first section you see at the front page is dedicated to Android games news. This includes, updates, events, collaborations etc. The posts appearing in this section are generally based on press releases or by developers/publishers who contacted us directly.

The second section is the Featured Games list. Every single game that appears in that list is tested by us. Here you can find reviews, quick overlooks, updates or simply games that we found interesting. Not every post is a review, so keep that in mind.

The bottom part is reserved for blog posts. Game sales, random information or posts about the website reside there.

The “Just Released” category is simply a list for new game releases that we don’t have the time to test. The list is provided as-is, meaning all descriptions and pretty much any text found there has nothing to do with us.

Finally, the posts in the Emulation category are about emulating other systems on the Android platform. This is just something we like to write about from time to time.


Regular contributors


Dejan Balalovski (armac911) – Founder, Reviews, news

Sasha Moore (alekM) – Reviews

Ivica Kiwin (kiwi) – News

Martin Janov – All of the above

…and more to come


Contacting us


For all the suggestions, questions, news or game review requests, you are welcome to contact us by using our form, or the mailboxes provided there.


Thank you for visiting AndroGaming.com