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Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season One is now available on the Play Store

Great news for all The Walking Dead fans! After being available to Kindle Fire HDX users only for nearly 4 months (via the Amazon appstore), “Telltale Games” finally released their game on the Play Store today. Well, better late than never.


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The Running Dead – big, HUGE pixels

Newly founded indie game developer “Kronbits” launched, what appears to be the most pixelated zombie related Android game ever. How big should the pixels be to fully satisfy your pixel-art needs? Is this pixelated enough for you?


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Z for Zombies

Use your word-finding skills to scavenge weapons and defend yourself from a never-ending horde of zombies. A two-part challenge, the first half tests your literary skills as you find words on a 4×4 grid of letters, while the second half requires you to use those words as weapons to fight off waves of zombies.


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INLOGIC Software relesed Zombie Chase 2

The wind blows over the houses, there is not a soul there, a dead town? No, but it is only a question of time! – The Zombies are invading the Wild West! Wait, isn’t that like robbing a police station? Yeah, well Zombies aren’t very smart after all, but will eat your brains if not killed in time.

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Grandpa and the Zombies, lots of candy and one bad-ass grandpa

After waking up a in a hospital with a broken leg, Grandpa Willy finds himself surrounded by zombies eager to get their hands on his tasty brain (or what’s left of it). He quickly realizes that escape is the only option, jumps on his wheel chair and rushes towards the exit. Help him find the way out and collect as much candy as possible in “Grandpa and the Zombies”, the latest casual puzzle game from “Tivola Publishing”.


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Dead Trigger 2 released

Dead Trigger was undoubtedly one of the best 3D FPS shooters available on the Android platform until today. Say hello to the sequel that promises to live up to its name by delivering fresh batch of brain-eating zombies free of charge. Say hello to Dead Trigger 2!

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[New Release] Dead Rushing HD – Start running

Sweet mother of god, zombies are attacking (again)! This time, however, it’s not about chopping away their unholy heads and cranking up the body count, it’s about running away as fast as you can.

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[New Release] Dead on Arrival 2 – Paint it RED!

N3V Games decided to release “Dead on Arrival 2” in Australia and New Zealand a week before it became available worldwide, and now it’s time for the rest of us to join the party. So, are you ready to fight off yet another Zombie Invasion? Arm yourself and start downloading, Dead on Arrival 2 is waiting for you on the Google Play Store.


doa2- (1)

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[New Release] Zombie Gunship – by Howitzer be purged

“Limbic Software” is a developer well known to iOS users, but as of recently they decided to enter the Android world as well by publishing “Zombie Gunship” as their debut title. So what do we usually do when we have to face the zombie invasion? We grab our firearms and start killing zombies. Since zombies can’t run, fly, drive and they walk pretty slowly, the question is why should we fight them in close quarter battles when we can safely hit them from above. Makes sense.

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[News] Dead Trigger 2 – New screenshots

Shortly after introducing the sequel of their most popular zombie-survival FPS game, Dead Trigger, Madfinder games started teasing the players with some pretty impressive screenshots posted on their facebook page, also revealing some of the upcoming changes, locations, weapons and enemies.

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