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Be the cookie master in – Call of Cookie

Ankama Games announced the release of their new strategy game involving cookies and modern warfare. Set in the same universe as the successful comic book series Freaks’ Squeele,  Call of Cookie offers you the opportunity to literally bake your own army and crush your sugary opponents.


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Ærena – Clash of Champions, a new tactical game hits the Play Store

ÆRENA: Clash of Champions is a band new tactical / strategy multiplayer game coming from Cliffhanger Productions, the same developer that launched a successful kickstart campaign for their other upcoming title Shadowrun Online.


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Artillery Strike hits the Play Store

A.M.A. (Advanced Mobile Applications) announced that their first 100% multiplayer game, Artillery Strike, was released on the Android Play Store yesterday. This war-themed, turn based strategy game allows you to take control of huge war machines and obliterate the battlefield.


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Pacific Fleet arrives on Android

Great news for all naval combat fans. Pacific Fleet, one of the most popular turn based simulation games that was originally released on iOS in 2012, is now available on the Android Play Store as well. Lead your armada across the Pacific and destroy all the enemies before they destroy you.


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[Re-Release] Mecho Wars

As usual, Android users seem to be the least important customers when it comes to games released on multiple platforms. Looking on the bright side, we do get the better product in the end, highly polished, patched-up and ready to play. Meet Mecho Wars, the turn-based strategy game that really has something to offer for all the fans of the genre.

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1941 Frozen Front – new turn based strategy game

1941 Frozen Front makes its way on the Google Play store after being available to iOS users for over a month, “Handy Games” decided to expand on the Android market as well. This is a freemium turn based hexagonal strategy game that is focusing on the eastern front conflict in WW II.

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