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Middle Manager of Justice makes its way on Google Play

Almost a year ago, “Double Fine production” released a game for the iOS platform by the name of “Middle Manager of Justice”. Sadly, the game was pretty much unfinished and featured lots of bugs that made it practically unplayable. Instead of scrapping the project, “Double Fine” decided to go for it and make the fans official beta testers. Few weeks later the game was fixed, finished and re-released on the App Store and since then it started attracting attention.

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GoF 2 HD

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD – unleashed for all

Fishlabs Entertraintment decided to make their popular Tegra exclusive space combat game Galaxy on Fire 2 HD available to every Android user that has the hardware to support it. The game is available on the Google Play store for free.

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Spaceteam released on Android

Being a starship captain is easy, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a crew members who works on some console on the bridge? Your ship is falling apart, hull stress is reaching maximum tolerance, structural integrity fields are failing, life support is failing and its up to you and your teammates to patch it up and outrun the collapsing star.

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Vector Unit

Riptide GP 2 will hit the store next week

Hey Riptide fans, Vector Unit announced that Riptide GP 2 will be released on July 23 for Android devices, while iOS version will follow shortly after. The game brings in brand new multiplayer mode and 3rd party controller support while it promises full utilization of the new Google Play services.

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Transport Tycoon

Official Transport Tycoon port annonced

Chris Sawyer and his company 31X Ltd, in collaboration with Origin8 Technologies Ltd,  announced their work on releasing a port of the original Transport Tycoon game from 1994 for Android and iOS devices.  The port should hit the stores by the end of this year, further details to follow.

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QWOP lands on Android

Are you familiar with the hardest game in the world? It’s called QWOP and was released as flash game back in 2008. You control an Olympic representative whose country training program was under funded. He is also missing the brain region responsible for motor function. As a result, it’s up to you to teach him how to move and hopefully run.

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