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PSI: Submarine Combat

PSI is a love letter to FTL, featuring intense submarine combat. PSI puts you in command of an elite crew as you battle fires and pump floods as you face off against a long forgotten foe. Featuring hundreds of dialogs, customizable submarines, advanced AI and intense action, PSI is a game built for maximum replayability.


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Transport Tycoon updated with new content

Origin8 and 31X just rolled out a massive update to their (now) popular Android simulation management game, Transport Tycon. Although the game had a rocky start, the developers managed to turn it around and fix nearly all the bugs present in the initial release.


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Shopping Mall Parking – park like a pro

As part of the ongoing campaign “Adopt an Idiot“, that relieves parking related frustrations from around the world, the developers from “DevilishGames” released a brand new parking simulator where you can practice your parking skills to avoid finding your picture on their website.


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Free ad-supported version of Clay Hunt is now available

Sport shooting and shotgun fans in general can now enjoy playing Clay Hunt without spending a dime. Mount your shotgun and shoot down clay birds as they fly inside your viewfinder, top the leaderboards, be the ultimate marksman.


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Farming Simulator 14 is here

As promised, GIANTS released the latest edition of their popular farming simulator game on the Android Play Store today. If you happen to be a fan of the franchise, or just a curious wanna-be farmer, you can download Farming Simulator 14 today and start your agricultural career right away.


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GT Racing 2 released as full game

Gameloft released the full version of their latest racing simulation game, GT Racing 2 on Android Play Store. Get ready to burn some rubber, complete championships, face your friends online and collect stars to upgrade your racer and win even more races. For free-ish.

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New Star Soccer re-released as freemium game

One of the most addicting “sim” games on Android, New Star Soccer, was updated over the weekend, introducing couple of new features and one pretty big change. Developers decided to drop the price tag and offer the game free of charge. Hold on, what about all the customers that paid for their copy before? Well….

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Farming Simulator 14 Coming to Android

If Pocket Harvest can’t satisfy your agricultural needs, this game surely will. The worldwide phenomenon known as Farming Simulator by GIANTS  is about to be released on Android (and iOS) on November 18th.

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[New Release] Transport Tycoon finds its way on the Play Store

Transport Tycoon for Android is the latest re-make / port of the huge 1994 business simulator hit coming from 31X Ltd and Origin8 technologies, with Chris Sawyer’s blessing. It brings in brand new touch optimized UI and all the content featured in the original game.

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Middle Manager of Justice review

The Superhero job is simple, you got your powers, there are the baddies – stop them! Being the supervisor of the Superheroes however is an entirely different matter, especially if the company has been driven into the ground by the former employee that did less than adequate job managing the branch. This is where you step in, take matters into your own hands and try to restore this failing branch of “Justice corp.” to its former glory. You are the Middle Manager of Justice.

mmj- (2)

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