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EPOCH.2 – the Robot saga continues

Uppercut games, from their Underground Cryo-Bunker located somewhere in Australia, released the sequel of their famous 3rd person robot-shooting-mayhem game Epoch. Robots, guns, more robots, action packed levels, even more robots and stunning visuals. Also, more robots.


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Inceptional’s Light Hero released on Android

Light Hero is a fast paced retro-arcade shooter that looks like it was ripped out straight from the ’80’s. Your job, as the greatest pilot in the galaxy, is to collect precious minerals and fight the unknown alien enemies. Oh, and stay alive as well.


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Firewall: Sci-Fi Puzzle

Play as a meta-representation of a computer Firewall defending against a Super-Virus attack.Aim for a high Hit-Streak as well as a great Top Score! Simple to play but hard to master!


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DotEmu’s R-Type II hits the Play Store

The developers from DotEmu announced that they finished working on their latest port, R-Type II, a bit earlier than expected and that this classic arcade shooter is now available on the Play Store worldwide.


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Pocket Gunfighters enters closed beta

Gamevil announced that their latest action shooter “Pocket Gunfighters” has now entered the closed beta test stage where games willing to help can play the game and report any number of bugs they come across. When everything checks out, “Pocket Gunfighters” will be released on both Android and iOS in about a month from now.


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Deus Ex: The Fall arrives on Android

Deus Ex: The Fall, the game that originally launched on iOS over 6 months ago (and was mysteriously delayed on the Android platform), is now finally available on the Play Store, Square Enix announced. After being pulled off from the market earlier today, (to fix some “issues”), the game is now back for good and can be purchased from anywhere in the world.

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Monster Shooter Mania

Those poor Aliens just can’t catch a break from all the hate we unleash in various Android games, yet they keep coming back for more. Monster Shooter Mania is no different. You have your guns, bombs and what-not and you have your Aliens doing their little invasion thingy. Shoot away!

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Santa Rockstar vs Aliens

Although Christmas came and went so fast, the new year eve is over and we are slowly getting back to our usual school/work routine, Santa is still being held captive on a strange alien worlds and needs your help to get out. This is Santa Rockstar and he hates aliens.


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Tank Battles Mini Review

Tank Battles by Gameloft is a multidirectional shooter where you get to pimp your very own ride that also happens to be a vicious war machine. Follow general “McTankerson” orders, win tournaments, complete missions and kill your friends online to top the leaderboard.


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Ghost Toasters – Regular Show

Cartoon Network studios released a brand new platform shooter game appealing to all Regular Show fans, kids or otherwise. Ghost Toasters is about hunting the undead and upgrading your characters to the max.

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