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Sonic Racing Transformed goes free to play

SEGA excitedly announced that their most famous kart racer, Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed, is now free to play on both Android and iOS. Customers that previously bought the game have been awarded with a free VIP pass that unlocks certain features and removes the ads.


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Crazy Taxy: City Rush announced, the first game is now free

SEGA announced that their newest mobile project Crazy Taxy: City Rush is well underway and should be available later this year. To keep you busy while waiting and as a special ‘thank you’ to longtime SEGA fans, the first game, Crazy Taxi, is now free to download across all mobile platforms for a limited time.


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[Review] Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing

SEGA has been re-releasing some of their popular Sonic titles on the Play Store lately, covering the platform genre nicely. This time however, it’s not about running and collecting rings. It’s about racing and wreaking havoc, collecting power-ups, piling up SEGA miles and improving your license.

sonic-sega-allstars- (35)

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Crazy Taxi now available on Google Play

The mega popular arcade racing game from the Sega Dreamcast era, Crazy Taxi, rolled out for Android today. All the fans of the original game, and those willing to try something new (old?) can get it today on the play store.

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