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Score big with Tiny Tennis for Android

Fat Fish Games expanded their “Tiny” game collection by releasing Tiny Tennis, a fast paced Tennis action game that can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS. Start smashing the balls to earn medals, beat your previous highscore and brag about it on twitter.


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Coming soon: Veritas LCD An Open World LCD Adventure

A brand new open world adventure is coming to an Android device near you. Get ready to quest your way on an emulated LCD inside your LCD and enjoy the lovely (retro) art and music.


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Inceptional’s Light Hero released on Android

Light Hero is a fast paced retro-arcade shooter that looks like it was ripped out straight from the ’80’s. Your job, as the greatest pilot in the galaxy, is to collect precious minerals and fight the unknown alien enemies. Oh, and stay alive as well.


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DotEmu is porting R-Type II to Android, trailer released

DotEmu, the developer specialized in porting classic arcade games to mobile platforms, announced that R-Type II will soon be available on the Android Play Store. This arcade classic was developed and published by IREM back in 1989, and has its share of devoted fans ever since.

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Starling Fall – strange, strange new world

Lionfish Apps are developers that usually make apps and utility software for our Android devices, but this time, they decided to test their skill by making their first game ever, Starling Fall. A fast paced arcade game featuring retro pixel art style.


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White & The Golden Sword

The Spanish game developers “Cupra Studios” announced that “White & The Golden Sword”, a platform game that was available only to Spanish and Asian customers so far, starting today can be downloaded by British and North American players as well. This, however, is only partially true as you can download the game from pretty much anywhere in the world.
white-and-the-golden-sword (1)

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[New Release] Neon Shadow

New game has emerged on the Play Store. It’s about shooting rebelling machines in their shiny metal behinds, saving the humanity or turning your friends into foes. It comes from “Tasty Poison”, the developer that gave us Pocket RPG.

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Super Psycho Cycle – your personal bullet hell on two wheels

Although the phrase “Bullet Hell” is usually associated with arcade games involving overpowered planes shooting their way through, this time it’s all about couple of drunken hogs trying to accomplish god knows what while riding their bikes on the highway and blasting to pieces everything that comes by. This is Super Psycho Cycle by Shiny Box.

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