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Sonic Racing Transformed goes free to play

SEGA excitedly announced that their most famous kart racer, Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed, is now free to play on both Android and iOS. Customers that previously bought the game have been awarded with a free VIP pass that unlocks certain features and removes the ads.


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Smash Bandits Racing – a crazy getaway racer lands on the Play Store

Hutch Games released the 3rd game (2nd on Android) from the Smash series where your only goal is to smash everything and stay alive as much as possible. In Smash Bandits Racing, you are playing as the delinquent driver who lives in a world where smashing material goods equals easy profits.


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Polarbit released Rail Racing

From the developers of Raging Thunder and Reckless Getaway, comes another racer that puts you on rails, literally. Rail Racing is a colorful, action packed miniature slot car racing game that will find its place among casual gamers as well as seasoned veterans.


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Quick Look on Top Gear: Race the Stig by BBC

BBC Worldwide released their newest game for the Android platform, hoping to reach out and attract all the fans of the Top Gear show. Featuring no other than “The Stig” himself and “iconic vehicles from the TV show”, should be a reason enough to get your hopes up for an exciting racing experience.


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The Android Version of Colin McRae Rally is out

After getting our hopes up with the announcement that “Colin McRae Rally will be out soon on Android devices” back in December, Thumbstar Games (the company responsible for publishing the game on Android) went kind of silent on the matter. But now, out of the blue, Colin McRae Rally appeared on the Android Play Store, ready to satisfy (almost) all your rallying needs for a small fee.


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Ridge Racer “Slipstreams” on the Play Store

“Only” couple of months after the original release of Ridge Racer Slipstream on the iOS platform, Namco-Bandai decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise by releasing the game on Android as well. This is the latest reincarnation of the famous series featuring high speed arcade racing, nice graphics and drifting at 150 MPH.


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ETX Racing released NASCAR Manager on Android

To celebrate the start of the 2014 NASCAR season, ETX Racing released their latest racing-strategy game, NASCAR Manager. The game is already live on Google Play, but can also be downloaded for free across multiple platforms.


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Table Top Racing released earlier than expected

The developers from the independent studio “Playrise Digital” announced that Table Top Racing, the game that was included in iTune’s ‘Best of 2013’ festive app selection in multiple countries and won the TIGA 2013 award of best start-up, is finally ready to be downloaded from the Play Store for free.


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Carmageddon is free for the next 24 hours

To celebrate the upcoming release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation early access on Steam, the Carmageddon team decided to threat their fans by giving away their Android (and iOS) version of the game for free in the next 24 hours. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab your copy and enjoy this extremely good arcade racer.

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First look on Angry Birds GO

The day that marks the expansion of the Angry Birds franchise is here as Rovio releases their highly anticipated kart racing game, Angry Bids GO, right on time. Will it live up to the expectations this developer set in their previous titles? Let’s take a quick look.
angry-birds-go- (71)

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