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[New Release] VludKin ClaNz

How about a nice puzzle-card game to start the week and help you get through Monday? How about VludKin ClaNz where you have to compete for control over the Vlud energy against your friend or the computer controlled AI, gather as much influence as you can and own the playfield.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist: Spider-bot released

Following today’s North American release of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist for PC and consoles (Europe will have to wait till Friday), Ubisoft released a free companion-like game for mobile devices as well that will not only provide gameplay on its own, but will also help you unlock gadgets and buffs for the main game.

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Rymdkapsel released for Android

Rymdkapsel is a real time strategy game with Tetris elements, focusing only on building the base and it’s defenses. The game was released for Playstation mobile and iOS in May 2013, and now finally arrives on Android too.

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Prince of Persia The Shadow and The Flame review

Twenty years after the original release of the second game from the Prince of Persia saga, The Shadow and the Flame, Ubisoft decided that its time to bring back the old memories and (kind of) remake the original game for portable devices with improved HD graphics and touch optimized controls. The game is available for both Android and iOS and promises to deliver epic journey filled with exciting fights and secrets.

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Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage coming to Android

The teaser video went wild yesterday, confirming that Nitrome is definitely working on releasing Icebreaker on Android. Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage will be published by Roviostars, the new mobile game publishing program from Rovio Entertainment.

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Sprinkle Islands Launched

The best casual game winner of 2012 International Mobile Gaming Awards, Sprinkle, got its sequel today. Sprinkle Islands sets you on a mission to rescue the inhabitants of the planet Titan, whose world got caught in flames by the malfunctioning garbage hauling space ship that went off course.

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Tiny Token Empires Android game review

The Android market is packed with all sorts of color matching games, actually it’s over-saturated to say at least. Instead of just releasing another variation of bejeweled that hardly anyone will care about, Herocraft Ltd. made a bold move to combine two seemingly unmatchable genres, turn based strategy and color matching. The end result is charming game with cute graphics and touch of humor.

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New release: Busy Beaver

Busy as a Beaver

From the team that ported Frozen Bubble on Android, comes Busy Beaver, a mixture of arcade and puzzle type of game. In short, it involves falling tetris blocks and one hyper-active beaver whose sole purpose here is to eat them and rack up points by doing so.

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Might and Magic Clash of Heroes

It’s finally here

After huge success on iOS, Ubisoft finally decided to release Might and Magic Clash of Heroes on the Android platform. For those unfamiliar with this game, it’s actually classified as Puzzle/RPG game, and has received pretty positive feedback so far, including PocketGamer UK’s Gold award.

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