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Idol Words, Flip the Board

The UK mobile gaming company, Outplay Entertainment, announced that “Idol Words” is now available on the Android Play Store. Idol Words is a fast paced, jungle themed word finding game of a competitive nature where you get to play against your friends or random people online.

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Help a bunch of big headed kids get their presents back in Heady Kidz

If Charlie Brown taught us anything, it’s that Kite-eating trees can be quite real for kids all over the world. While regular children are usually helpless getting their tree-top toys back, the Heady Kidz from this game developed a simple, yet effective solution to solve this enormous problem.

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Birds Break Eggs? – DIG!DIG!

Birds do what now? Break eggs. Why and where? To top the leaderboards in DIG!DIG!, “Creaple’s” newest puzzle game involving birds, eggs and leaderboards! Also matching and digging in case you wondered.

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Cut the Box, watch it go down

It’s Wednesday, we are only halfway there so there is still plenty of work to be done. We better get started with this week physics based puzzler of choice, Cut the Box by Twist Mobile. What? It’s kind of work.

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[New Release] Where’s my Water 2

Swampy, Allie and Cranky are back and they are filthier than ever! Once again it’s up to you to guide the water and help Swampy and his friends fulfill their ultimate goal, to take a bath.  Where’s my Water 2 comes from Disney Studios and brings in about 100 new levels on 3 different locations.

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[New Release] Labyrinth Pro

Before reading the following entry, please note that AG cannot be held responsible if you break your device in anger. Now meet Labyrinth Pro, modern digital incarnation of the ancient labyrinth game that requires nerves of steel.

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[New Release] Wordament ® – Monday word puzzles

Another Monday, another game that will help you procrastinate from all the productive things you should be doing. It comes directly from “Microsoft Game Studios”, looks like “Scramble” and will make you see blocks of letters all day long. And yes, it’s online. Well…. sort of.

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[New Release] The Secret Of Space Octopuses

Yet another Monday is upon us. As you drink your morning coffee and plot your work / school slacking schemes, take a look at this brand new platform / puzzle game “The Secret Of Space Octopuses” from “Midgar Studio” that should definitely help you defeat the bad Monday morale and make the time go faster.

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[New Release] Combat Cats

Kitty Island was once a peaceful place filled with kittens sniffing catnip all day long. Then all of a sudden, the Aquarium Alliance decided to steal all the good stuff and drive the Kittens crazy. Fortunately, our feline friends are armed to the teeth, but will require your help as well to get all the catnip back. Only in Combat Cats by “New Horizon Games”.

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[New Release] Help the Zebuloids!

The Vogelz crash their spaceship on planet Zeb’s surface and in order to fix the vessel they need to gather dark matter and loot the planet for all the valuables they can find. The cute Zebuloids are not helpless as well and with your help they can counter this threat and drive the Vogelz off the planet. Zebuloids is a brand new 3D isometric puzzle game coming from Mando Production, the developer that gave us Babel Rising and Hills of Glory.

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