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Stackamunga – build a tower out of tetris blocks

Remember that one game where you had to build towers out of square shaped objects falling from above? Well… it just got a bit more complicated. This is Stackunga, a tower stacker game where instead of square shaped boxes, you have to stack Tetris blocks.


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Block Legend

Block Legend is a retro puzzle JRPG. Travel through different regions as a wide cast of characters, fighting monsters, visiting towns, and completing quests.



• Fun puzzle tile-breaking gameplay.
• Huge selection of heroes to choose from.
• Tons of monsters to fight.
• Take down powerful bosses.
• Visit multiple regions.
• Over 100 quests to complete.
• Unique adventures every play through.
• NO IAP!!!!

[appbox googleplay sreenshots “com.DotWarriorGames.BlockLegend” ]

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Classic Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular single player card games of all time! Join the fun enjoyed by millions of players worldwide with this gorgeous, HD version of the famous patience game! This is the Classic Spider Solitaire you’re used to from other platforms.


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Pig Pong Panic!

Pig Pong Panic! is a fast-paced pig-bouncing paradise! Oh no! Mama Pig is in labor and the fence hasn’t been repaired yet! The only thing you can do to stop the adorable newborn piglets from escaping to the outside world is to pick up a piece of fence and bounce them into the barn!


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Gentlemen…. and Ladies. Get ready to visit the town of Smallbridge where you will learn to play a new kind of sport, the Ricochet. The townsfolk of this great city are obsessed with it, and you are welcomed to stay as much as you want, play their unique Ricochet tables and have fun free of charge!


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Dominos, dominos everywhere in the Domingos

The Domingos by “TeaPOT Games” is a brand new physics puzzle game that just went live on the Play Store. It features, well, dominoes, but also things that roll, shoot, move, turn or even explode under your fingers.


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Grandpa and the Zombies, lots of candy and one bad-ass grandpa

After waking up a in a hospital with a broken leg, Grandpa Willy finds himself surrounded by zombies eager to get their hands on his tasty brain (or what’s left of it). He quickly realizes that escape is the only option, jumps on his wheel chair and rushes towards the exit. Help him find the way out and collect as much candy as possible in “Grandpa and the Zombies”, the latest casual puzzle game from “Tivola Publishing”.


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Rube Works, The Rube Goldberg Game

Unity Games, Electric Eggplant and Heirs of Rube Goldberg are proudly announcing the release of their official Rube Goldberg licensed physics puzzler, Rube Works: Rube Goldberg Game. It’s time to test your mental acumen as you use everyday objects to craft contraptions which in turn perform what normally would be routine tasks!


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Rapid Blocks – nifty fingers

As game developers and publishers start waking up from their winter hibernation (holidays, sobering up), new games started appearing on the Android Play Store. One of those titles is Rapid Blocks by ” SoumiDelRio”, a brand new puzzle game that seems to be completely free.

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Little inferno debuts on Android

After they successfully invaded the Wii U, PC and iOS markets,”Tomorrow Corporation” decided to release “Little Inferno” on the Android Play Store as well. We can now finally enjoy setting things on fire and watching the world burn in our pockets!

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