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Crazy Taxi now available on Google Play

The mega popular arcade racing game from the Sega Dreamcast era, Crazy Taxi, rolled out for Android today. All the fans of the original game, and those willing to try something new (old?) can get it today on the play store.

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Retroid, brand new Arkanoid remake

brick in the wall

If Breakout is Arkanoid and it’s running on droid in retro style, then it must be Retroid! A brand new Arkanoid remake with polished graphics, cheerful effects, groovy music and 15 levels for free.

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Infinite Flight is finally here

Out of the blue

For all the fans of flight simulators games out there, Flying Development Studio LLC has released their Infinite Flight simulator on the Android platform. Initial impressions are piling up and they look more than promising.

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Another 2D platformer available for free

The Hunt for Souls

Another free ad supported game appears on the play store,  this time in form of a 16-bit 2D platformer with on-screen controls, retro style design and it goes by the name of Olethros. Your primary goal is to find your wife and collect souls along the way.

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Just released: Kavinsky

Electro house beat-em-up

The popular music artist and producer Vincent Belogrey, known as Kavinsky, decided to promote his work in form of side scrolling beat-em-up. The final result is Kavinsky the game, based on the “Outrun” album, featuring one angry dude and tons of shady street villains.

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Real Racing 3 – The Prestige Update is here

Buckle up Real Racing fans, the long awaited Prestige Update is here. Firemonkeys added lots of new content including new cars from Bentley and Mercedes-Benz for you to play with, plus the highly anticipated Time Trial mode, over 180 new events and improved graphics.

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New release: Busy Beaver

Busy as a Beaver

From the team that ported Frozen Bubble on Android, comes Busy Beaver, a mixture of arcade and puzzle type of game. In short, it involves falling tetris blocks and one hyper-active beaver whose sole purpose here is to eat them and rack up points by doing so.

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QWOP lands on Android

Are you familiar with the hardest game in the world? It’s called QWOP and was released as flash game back in 2008. You control an Olympic representative whose country training program was under funded. He is also missing the brain region responsible for motor function. As a result, it’s up to you to teach him how to move and hopefully run.

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Heroes of Order and Chaos: Update No.4

Gameloft’s popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, got updated recently. This is the fourth major update bringing in a brand new 5v5 map (Under realm ruins) and two new heroes.   The update is already live for iOS devices, Android will follow soon.

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Might and Magic Clash of Heroes

It’s finally here

After huge success on iOS, Ubisoft finally decided to release Might and Magic Clash of Heroes on the Android platform. For those unfamiliar with this game, it’s actually classified as Puzzle/RPG game, and has received pretty positive feedback so far, including PocketGamer UK’s Gold award.

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