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[New Release] Rabbids Big Bang

Brace  yourselves, Rabbids are back! This time, they decided to form a “Rabbids Space Program” so they can collect coins and complete missions, but mainly as an excuse to bash each other behinds with all sorts of bats. We have a liftoff.

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[New Release] Neon Shadow

New game has emerged on the Play Store. It’s about shooting rebelling machines in their shiny metal behinds, saving the humanity or turning your friends into foes. It comes from “Tasty Poison”, the developer that gave us Pocket RPG.

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Time to punch the bear where it hurts, in the latest side scrolling beat-em-up game coming from the “I Fight Bears” developer, starring Tim Burr (no, not Timburr) the lumberjack who obviously can’t bear it anymore and decides to take revenge.

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[New Release] Headless – Don’t stop running like a headless chicken!

The soul’s escaping, through this hole that is gaping, but he must keep running even with his head cut off in “Double Smith’s” new endless runner, Headless. OK, that line was terrible…. but this game isn’t! It’s about running headless chicken trying to get god knows where. What more could you possibly want.

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[New Release] Dead Rushing HD – Start running

Sweet mother of god, zombies are attacking (again)! This time, however, it’s not about chopping away their unholy heads and cranking up the body count, it’s about running away as fast as you can.

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