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Hospital Manager by Microïds released on the Play Store

Hospital Manager is a brand new business and crisis management game coming from Microïds and CCCP studio. Don’t be fooled by the title, this game bares little to no resemblance with with real life medical conditions (or common sense for that matter). In fact, even the developer said that Hospital Manager is all but serious, and yes, it does look like it was inspired by Theme Hospital.


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Rustling sound approaches from the distance. It’s the barbarians, they launched another attack. Deploy the archers and heat the oil pots to repel the attack and save your villagers. Barbarians are violent creatures and must be stopped at all costs. The only thing standing in their way is THE WALL, use it wisely.


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Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy released on Android

The french developers from Microïds keep expanding their old-new portfolio by porting even more of their old hits from over a decade ago. This time, they announced the release of Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy, a first person adventure game designed by Benoît Sokal, the comic artist also responsible for Syberia and Syberia 2.


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Syberia arrives on Android

Syberia the 2002 adventure games, considered to be a all-time masterpiece by many fans, made its way on the Android Play Store. The game developer Microïds invites all Syberia fans to join Kate Walker’s amazing journey once again on their portable Android devices.


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