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Hospital Manager by Microïds released on the Play Store

Hospital Manager is a brand new business and crisis management game coming from Microïds and CCCP studio. Don’t be fooled by the title, this game bares little to no resemblance with with real life medical conditions (or common sense for that matter). In fact, even the developer said that Hospital Manager is all but serious, and yes, it does look like it was inspired by Theme Hospital.


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ETX Racing released NASCAR Manager on Android

To celebrate the start of the 2014 NASCAR season, ETX Racing released their latest racing-strategy game, NASCAR Manager. The game is already live on Google Play, but can also be downloaded for free across multiple platforms.


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Middle Manager of Justice makes its way on Google Play

Almost a year ago, “Double Fine production” released a game for the iOS platform by the name of “Middle Manager of Justice”. Sadly, the game was pretty much unfinished and featured lots of bugs that made it practically unplayable. Instead of scrapping the project, “Double Fine” decided to go for it and make the fans official beta testers. Few weeks later the game was fixed, finished and re-released on the App Store and since then it started attracting attention.

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