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Fiz: Brewery Management Game – Brew some Beer

The game that started as a drunken idea and got a successful kickstarter campaign going, after a year and a half is finally here. Beer and devoted fans of the tycoon-style management genre can finally raise their virtual pints and celebrate the arrival of Fiz: Brewery Management Game.

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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star available worldwide

LucasArts, (aka Disney), removed all regional restrictions on their newest free sim/management game Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. You can now grab the game wherever you may live and start building your ultimate tiny Death Star.

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Northern Tale, clear the roads!

Vikings from the Northern lands lived in peace and harmony, minding their own business until the evil witch decided to attack and decolorize their world. Help them out in Northern Tale, a strategy-management game by Realore.

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Pocket Harvest, is that a cow in your pocket?

Japanese game developer Kairosoft, finally decided to translate their latest game Pocket Harvest and release it for the rest of the world to play with. Put away your guns, time to grow some crops and win contests with your veggies.

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Middle Manager of Justice review

The Superhero job is simple, you got your powers, there are the baddies – stop them! Being the supervisor of the Superheroes however is an entirely different matter, especially if the company has been driven into the ground by the former employee that did less than adequate job managing the branch. This is where you step in, take matters into your own hands and try to restore this failing branch of “Justice corp.” to its former glory. You are the Middle Manager of Justice.

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