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First look on Angry Birds GO

The day that marks the expansion of the Angry Birds franchise is here as Rovio releases their highly anticipated kart racing game, Angry Bids GO, right on time. Will it live up to the expectations this developer set in their previous titles? Let’s take a quick look.
angry-birds-go- (71)

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New Star Soccer re-released as freemium game

One of the most addicting “sim” games on Android, New Star Soccer, was updated over the weekend, introducing couple of new features and one pretty big change. Developers decided to drop the price tag and offer the game free of charge. Hold on, what about all the customers that paid for their copy before? Well….

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D&D Arena of War now available on Android

“The Sundering” event that threatens to disturb the fine balance between good and evil has begun! Get ready to fight the forces of evil and restore the balance in Mobage’s latest RPG game, D&D Arena of War.

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[Review] Dungeon Keeper for Android – It was Good to be Bad

Couple of days ago EA soft-launched 3 games on the Play Store available only in selected countries (for now). One of those game is Dungeon Keeper, a sounding name that older gamers will surely remember as one of the greatest strategy / management / God games ever created and now, now we get to play it on our mobile devices. Or do we?


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[New Release] Where’s my Water 2

Swampy, Allie and Cranky are back and they are filthier than ever! Once again it’s up to you to guide the water and help Swampy and his friends fulfill their ultimate goal, to take a bath.  Where’s my Water 2 comes from Disney Studios and brings in about 100 new levels on 3 different locations.

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[New Release] Dead on Arrival 2 – Paint it RED!

N3V Games decided to release “Dead on Arrival 2” in Australia and New Zealand a week before it became available worldwide, and now it’s time for the rest of us to join the party. So, are you ready to fight off yet another Zombie Invasion? Arm yourself and start downloading, Dead on Arrival 2 is waiting for you on the Google Play Store.


doa2- (1)

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[New Release] Giant Boulder of Death

WEAR your finest lederhosen with renewed pride and REVEL in the century’s most yodel-tastic (and FREE) gaming sensation! – Wait what? Ahem…exactly. You are a giant boulder, sitting on a top of a mountain overlooking the village at the bottom, forced to witness your girlfriend’s death (another female boulder) as she get carved into a statue by the evil people down below.

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[New Release] Fifa 14 is here, multiplayer is not

Since EA took their year off from the FIFA series on the Android platform, one would think they needed the time to regroup and come up with a highly polished product ready to satisfy all the football fans around the globe. Well, they came up with a freemium game that doesn’t look very promising.

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[Quick Look] DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot – Help a rich old duck get even richer

DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot is the latest action-adventure multiplayer game coming from Disney. When it comes to Disney and their video game division you can pretty much expect anything. They published huge megahits like Aladdin, Kingdom Heart’s and the Duck Tales series, but also games like Fantasia on the mega drive….

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[News] Dead Trigger 2 – New screenshots

Shortly after introducing the sequel of their most popular zombie-survival FPS game, Dead Trigger, Madfinder games started teasing the players with some pretty impressive screenshots posted on their facebook page, also revealing some of the upcoming changes, locations, weapons and enemies.

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