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Astro Boy Dash available for Android

Animoca’s latest endless runner puts you in the shoes of Astro Boy (also known as Atom), trying to get away from school by running across the city streets, avoiding capture, collecting coins, avoiding traps and beating highscores. Astro Boy Dash is officially licensed product based on the Astro Boy manga and anime characters by Osamu Tezuka. 

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EA confirms, Fifa 14 will be freemium

During EA’s presentation at Gamescom 2013, Andrew Wilson the vice president of EA Sports confirmed that Fifa ’14 for mobile devices will be free to play. It appears that EA in general will be orienting towards the freemium model, following the trend of Real Racing and Plants vs Zombies 2 (that is sill not available worldwide btw) on most of their new games as well.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist: Spider-bot released

Following today’s North American release of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist for PC and consoles (Europe will have to wait till Friday), Ubisoft released a free companion-like game for mobile devices as well that will not only provide gameplay on its own, but will also help you unlock gadgets and buffs for the main game.

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While waiting for PvZ 2, play Battle Bears Fortress

While still waiting for Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android (hint: it’s available for iOS), we can waste our time on another similar tower defense puzzle game, for example Battle Bears Fortress by SkyVu Entertainment that just came out of beta and seems to attract large amounts of positive reviews.

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Mini Review: Bus Simulator 3D

Driving simulators have been around for a while, mostly on PC, but lately they started appearing on mobile devices as well. One of those games comes straight from Ovidiu Pop, developer that specializes in releasing driving and parking simulators. Bus Simulator 3D is their latest free game, offering the fans a chance to try their skills in driving a bus across different scenarios.

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Free Android poker game – Casino League

Great news poker lovers, Konami just released Casino League on the play store, featuring live, tournament-style Texas Hold ‘Em. You will be competing with other players across the globe, climb tournament tiers and try to become the best of the best.

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New Game – Turd Birds

One of the nominees for crappiest name of the year will certainly be Turd Birds, an endless runner tap-to-crap type of game, straight out from the developer that brought you NBA 2K13. You will be flying over the crowd and pooping on their heads, while avoiding helicopters, UFO’s and toxic waste that can hurt you (but poop won’t!). All in all, this game appears to be full of…

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Retroid, brand new Arkanoid remake

brick in the wall

If Breakout is Arkanoid and it’s running on droid in retro style, then it must be Retroid! A brand new Arkanoid remake with polished graphics, cheerful effects, groovy music and 15 levels for free.

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New release: Busy Beaver

Busy as a Beaver

From the team that ported Frozen Bubble on Android, comes Busy Beaver, a mixture of arcade and puzzle type of game. In short, it involves falling tetris blocks and one hyper-active beaver whose sole purpose here is to eat them and rack up points by doing so.

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