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Gentlemen…. and Ladies. Get ready to visit the town of Smallbridge where you will learn to play a new kind of sport, the Ricochet. The townsfolk of this great city are obsessed with it, and you are welcomed to stay as much as you want, play their unique Ricochet tables and have fun free of charge!


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Kitty Flame: Highway Warrior

When cats get mad, they usually tear things up with their razor sharp claws, but not this one. This one is bad to the bone and instead of scratching, this renegade kitty uses raw firepower to stop the evil canine gang and their heavy machinery.


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Catchy – Are you rich enough to play it?

Here is something you don’t see every day. A game that actually requires you to throw your Android device in the air to rack up points and win the match. How? It uses the build in accelerometer to calculate and award you with points that can be shared for everyone to see. Catchy is also “DANGEROUSLY FUN”, well at least according to the developers from “Orbit Games” it is.


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Play to Cure: Genes In Space

How about playing a game for a noble cause? Cancer Research UK released a game that will help scientists unravel gene data to find the answers to some of cancer’s toughest questions. Have fun flying your spaceship, collect the precious material called “Element Alpha” and decode useful amount of data in Play to Cure: Genes In Space.


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The Great Martian War

In a spectacular “What if?” style, History’s “The Great Martian War” offered a allegorical tale re-imaging the years 1913 to 1917 where the humankind waged a war against the extraterrestrial invaders. Now, for the first time in this universe, you have a chance to experience the battle first-hand in this brand new endless runner by “Secret Location”.


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G5 Giveaway: Special Enquiry Detail 2 & Build-a-lot 3

Yet again, the managers from G5 decided to delight their fans (and casual gamers in general), by releasing not one, but two of their games for free. Special Enquiry Detail 2 is a hidden-object where you get to investigate the brutal killing of several young brides, while Build-a-lot 3 is a time management game where players can build their real-estate empires from scratch.


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Table Top Racing released earlier than expected

The developers from the independent studio “Playrise Digital” announced that Table Top Racing, the game that was included in iTune’s ‘Best of 2013’ festive app selection in multiple countries and won the TIGA 2013 award of best start-up, is finally ready to be downloaded from the Play Store for free.


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Carmageddon is free for the next 24 hours

To celebrate the upcoming release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation early access on Steam, the Carmageddon team decided to threat their fans by giving away their Android (and iOS) version of the game for free in the next 24 hours. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab your copy and enjoy this extremely good arcade racer.

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Quick Look on Neon Beat, not your typical breakout clone

Ever since the dawn of arcade games, one particular title keeps returning in many forms and variations. The breakout game is perhaps a genre of its own and needless to say, one of the most popular arcade games ever created. Neon Beat is a nice remake developed by ” Gripati Digital Entertainment ” that tends to change the rules – just a bit – to keep you interested and waste considerable amounts of your time.


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Rapid Blocks – nifty fingers

As game developers and publishers start waking up from their winter hibernation (holidays, sobering up), new games started appearing on the Android Play Store. One of those titles is Rapid Blocks by ” SoumiDelRio”, a brand new puzzle game that seems to be completely free.

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