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LabRATory goes free to play

To celebrate the 10 Million App Downloads milestone, Tivola Publishing decided to remove the price tag from LabRATory, making it free to download and play for everyone. This cute puzzler (developed by BuboGames) featuring lab rats and crazy contraptions was also nominated for the German Developer Award for “Best Casual Mobile Game” in 2013.


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Micronytes – Director’s Cut

What do you do when your patient is about to die and no drugs can save him? You assume control of your miniature robot-like creatures, otherwise called Micronytes, and crush the evil virus by hand, before it does some serious damage.


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#Kickfailer – The developers from Little Worlds Studio need your help

The developers over at Little Worlds Studio are in trouble and they need your help to keep their jobs. Now, they reach out to the gaming community to support games that are already fully developed by launching the #Kickfailer campaign.


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The Android version of Celtic Heroes is out

Independent Glasgow based studio One Thumb Mobile announced that their Android port of Celtic Heroes is finally ready to be downloaded from the Play Store. The game was originally released 3 years ago on the iOS platform and has been quite popular ever since.


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Polarbit released Rail Racing

From the developers of Raging Thunder and Reckless Getaway, comes another racer that puts you on rails, literally. Rail Racing is a colorful, action packed miniature slot car racing game that will find its place among casual gamers as well as seasoned veterans.


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Crazy Taxy: City Rush announced, the first game is now free

SEGA announced that their newest mobile project Crazy Taxy: City Rush is well underway and should be available later this year. To keep you busy while waiting and as a special ‘thank you’ to longtime SEGA fans, the first game, Crazy Taxi, is now free to download across all mobile platforms for a limited time.


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Stackamunga – build a tower out of tetris blocks

Remember that one game where you had to build towers out of square shaped objects falling from above? Well… it just got a bit more complicated. This is Stackunga, a tower stacker game where instead of square shaped boxes, you have to stack Tetris blocks.


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Super Digital Watch Soccer

Play an exciting game of football with a digital watch! Just like that, with Super Digital Watch Soccer, you can play intense games using the timer.
The game consists on playing a football/soccer match with a digital watch and the objective is (like in any soccer match) scoring goals. To accomplish this, you will need to stop the timer between 00 and 05 milliseconds (with other added rules like fouls, penalty kicks, corners, yellow and red cards, etc). The 90 seconds match plays in turns, with a max duration of 5 seconds for each turn.

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Rabbit Dash featuring Benny the Bunny

The forest Benny the bunny lives in can be quite boring sometimes. Being rabbit and all, he decides to have some fun. And what better way to spend the afternoon than tease the neighboring pack of wolves and try to get away in one piece? Help Benny keep his head on his shoulders and start running in Rabbit Dash, brought to you by the same developer that released Kitty Flame.

rabbit-dash- (15)

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Swordigo released as free-to-play title

Touch Foo’s platformer that debuted on Android few months ago, thanks to Humble Mobile Bundle 3, is now available on the Play Store for free. Star exploring Swordigo’s magical world full of dungeons and towns, find lost treasures and slay all the monsters!


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