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[New Release] Fifa 14 is here, multiplayer is not

Since EA took their year off from the FIFA series on the Android platform, one would think they needed the time to regroup and come up with a highly polished product ready to satisfy all the football fans around the globe. Well, they came up with a freemium game that doesn’t look very promising.

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[Weekend Gaming] Basketball games on Android hmm…

As many of you probably know, FIBA Eurobasket 2013 started just few days ago, and while still not popular as NBA in North America, we do enjoy watching the championship and rooting for our team / country. So just before the evening match yesterday, I got a call from a friend asking me if I knew some good basketball games for Android to try them out while grabbing a beer in the local bar and watching the game live. At that moment two games crossed my mind, NBA 2k13 and NBA Jam.

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EA confirms, Fifa 14 will be freemium

During EA’s presentation at Gamescom 2013, Andrew Wilson the vice president of EA Sports confirmed that Fifa ’14 for mobile devices will be free to play. It appears that EA in general will be orienting towards the freemium model, following the trend of Real Racing and Plants vs Zombies 2 (that is sill not available worldwide btw) on most of their new games as well.

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