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Treasure Breaker, modern take on classic breakout

In a jungle environment, far far away lives Terry. A strange creature of unknown origin that has a irresistible urge to destroy things while having fun. One day, he finds the ruins of an ancient temple full of valuables that just beg to be destroyed by his magic skull.  Help him crush all the treasures on his path in Treasure Breaker, a brand new arcade game by Reonyx Studios.


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Celebrate Thanksgiving, play Lost Souls: Enchanted Painting for free

G5 decides to celebrate Thanksgiving by giving away free copies of one of their later hidden-object adventure titles,”Lost Souls: Enchanted Painting”.  You can grab your game starting today, November 25th through December 1st and enjoy solving the mystery behind the spooky paintings.

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Halos Fun, tasty mandarins

One of the most effective ways to promote your products is to give out freebies. Paramount Citrus did exactly that, but instead of material goods, they decided to team up with Pik Pok and develop Halos Fun, a brand new puzzle game to promote their “Wonderful Halos” mandarin brand on both Android and iOS.

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Help a bunch of big headed kids get their presents back in Heady Kidz

If Charlie Brown taught us anything, it’s that Kite-eating trees can be quite real for kids all over the world. While regular children are usually helpless getting their tree-top toys back, the Heady Kidz from this game developed a simple, yet effective solution to solve this enormous problem.

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Oregon Whale, reach the promised land on the back of your whale

Ishmael, a humble farmer, decides to leave his native Easternseaboardia in search for better life. His final destination is Oregon and he plans on getting there by strapping his wagon on the back of a whale.

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Dragon Swoopers, casual game for casual Monday

Dragon Swoopers by “Gushiku Studios” is a game of dragons, cute little dragons, trying to unlock magic portals by flying around and bringing eggs back to their nest.  Oh, and you also get to incinerate or capture cows and sheep for extra points.

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Pocket Harvest, is that a cow in your pocket?

Japanese game developer Kairosoft, finally decided to translate their latest game Pocket Harvest and release it for the rest of the world to play with. Put away your guns, time to grow some crops and win contests with your veggies.

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Trouserheart, the bare-ass adventure

This was bound to happen sooner or later. His Majesty’s favorite leather trousers were stolen and he will have to go on a journey to retrieve them. Find out how in Trouserheart, 10tons latest hack’n’slash adventure.
trouserheart (2)

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[New Release] Rabbids Big Bang

Brace  yourselves, Rabbids are back! This time, they decided to form a “Rabbids Space Program” so they can collect coins and complete missions, but mainly as an excuse to bash each other behinds with all sorts of bats. We have a liftoff.

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Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour game review

Making millions from street food

There was always something special about games that have Tycoon in their name. It’s like they are destined to be addictive. Fortunately, Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour for Android is no exception. It’s the second game of the series and this time you are given the chance to become the greatest among street food sellers in the world!

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