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Spirit Run – Fire vs Ice

Lunagames announced today the release of their latest title Spirit Run – Fire vs Ice, an endless 2D runner game with retro-style graphics that should please even the pickiest pixel junkies out there. Get ready to master your spirit powers, conquer the elements and top the leaderboards.


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Snail Crusher launched on the Play Store

The indie developer “games2be” announced the release of Snail Crusher, a casual arcade game where players can collect treasure chests from a garden infested with slimy snails. Needless to say, snails are evil and will kill your character instantly if touched.


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Scrap Squad – let the recycling begin

Scrap Squad, the junk sorting action game we announced 2 weeks ago was just released. Players can start earning money by recycling and fund their evil plan to take over the world right away.


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G5 Giveaway: The Mystery of the Crystal Portal

G5 Entertainment is having another one of their famous promotional giveaways. This time, they released “The Mystery of the Crystal Portal” for free, a casual hidden-objects game where you also get to solve unique and intriguing puzzles.


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Tiny Acrobats

Come one! Come all! Tiny Acrobats arrived in town!
Control the most crazy acrobats this amazing game of balance and agility! Join the circus and live this thrilling adventure!


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Stackamunga – build a tower out of tetris blocks

Remember that one game where you had to build towers out of square shaped objects falling from above? Well… it just got a bit more complicated. This is Stackunga, a tower stacker game where instead of square shaped boxes, you have to stack Tetris blocks.


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Smash Hit – your personal stress relief tool

The developers at “Mediocre”, responsible for Granny Smith and Sprinkle, released yet another addictive game with a strong message to deliver. Smashing glass objects will instantly make you feel better and can be quite relaxing after a stressful day at the office.


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Super Digital Watch Soccer

Play an exciting game of football with a digital watch! Just like that, with Super Digital Watch Soccer, you can play intense games using the timer.
The game consists on playing a football/soccer match with a digital watch and the objective is (like in any soccer match) scoring goals. To accomplish this, you will need to stop the timer between 00 and 05 milliseconds (with other added rules like fouls, penalty kicks, corners, yellow and red cards, etc). The 90 seconds match plays in turns, with a max duration of 5 seconds for each turn.

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Pig Pong Panic!

Pig Pong Panic! is a fast-paced pig-bouncing paradise! Oh no! Mama Pig is in labor and the fence hasn’t been repaired yet! The only thing you can do to stop the adorable newborn piglets from escaping to the outside world is to pick up a piece of fence and bounce them into the barn!


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Catchy – Are you rich enough to play it?

Here is something you don’t see every day. A game that actually requires you to throw your Android device in the air to rack up points and win the match. How? It uses the build in accelerometer to calculate and award you with points that can be shared for everyone to see. Catchy is also “DANGEROUSLY FUN”, well at least according to the developers from “Orbit Games” it is.


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