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Kitty Flame: Highway Warrior

When cats get mad, they usually tear things up with their razor sharp claws, but not this one. This one is bad to the bone and instead of scratching, this renegade kitty uses raw firepower to stop the evil canine gang and their heavy machinery.


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Ridge Racer “Slipstreams” on the Play Store

“Only” couple of months after the original release of Ridge Racer Slipstream on the iOS platform, Namco-Bandai decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise by releasing the game on Android as well. This is the latest reincarnation of the famous series featuring high speed arcade racing, nice graphics and drifting at 150 MPH.


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Treasure Breaker, modern take on classic breakout

In a jungle environment, far far away lives Terry. A strange creature of unknown origin that has a irresistible urge to destroy things while having fun. One day, he finds the ruins of an ancient temple full of valuables that just beg to be destroyed by his magic skull.  Help him crush all the treasures on his path in Treasure Breaker, a brand new arcade game by Reonyx Studios.


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DotEmu’s R-Type II hits the Play Store

The developers from DotEmu announced that they finished working on their latest port, R-Type II, a bit earlier than expected and that this classic arcade shooter is now available on the Play Store worldwide.


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Pocket Gunfighters enters closed beta

Gamevil announced that their latest action shooter “Pocket Gunfighters” has now entered the closed beta test stage where games willing to help can play the game and report any number of bugs they come across. When everything checks out, “Pocket Gunfighters” will be released on both Android and iOS in about a month from now.


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Bubble Jet Raider, the soapy explorer

Bubble Jet Raider by WinnicoGames is a brand new endless runner that appeared on the Play Store few days ago. This time, instead of running (or swimming, flying and what not), the player has the opportunity to explore underwater caves by guiding the merry adventurer and his soap bubble through levels full of dangerous crystals that can burst the improvised submarine if touched.


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DotEmu is porting R-Type II to Android, trailer released

DotEmu, the developer specialized in porting classic arcade games to mobile platforms, announced that R-Type II will soon be available on the Android Play Store. This arcade classic was developed and published by IREM back in 1989, and has its share of devoted fans ever since.

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Atomic Fusion: Particle Collider

Time to smash some particles together, just like the CERN scientists do, except on a portable device and not for real. Atomic Fusion is the latest action game coming from “ByteSized Studios” that allows players to explore all the elements in the Periodic Table by playing with atoms and hot plasma waves.


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Table Top Racing released earlier than expected

The developers from the independent studio “Playrise Digital” announced that Table Top Racing, the game that was included in iTune’s ‘Best of 2013’ festive app selection in multiple countries and won the TIGA 2013 award of best start-up, is finally ready to be downloaded from the Play Store for free.


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Quick Look on Neon Beat, not your typical breakout clone

Ever since the dawn of arcade games, one particular title keeps returning in many forms and variations. The breakout game is perhaps a genre of its own and needless to say, one of the most popular arcade games ever created. Neon Beat is a nice remake developed by ” Gripati Digital Entertainment ” that tends to change the rules – just a bit – to keep you interested and waste considerable amounts of your time.


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