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PSI: Submarine Combat

PSI is a love letter to FTL, featuring intense submarine combat. PSI puts you in command of an elite crew as you battle fires and pump floods as you face off against a long forgotten foe. Featuring hundreds of dialogs, customizable submarines, advanced AI and intense action, PSI is a ...

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Godzilla: Strike Zone

Join a squadron of military heroes on a dangerous mission to face the ultimate force of nature: GODZILLA. Experience the breathtaking high-altitude sky jump from the movie as you air-drop into a devastated San Francisco and embark on a series of first-person rescue missions to evacuate survivors before it's too ...

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Picnic Defense - Smash Bugs

Use more than 10 types of weapon to protect your picnic. Smash ants, bees and many other types of bugs in this addicting smasher ants defense style game. Collect coins, rubies and diamonds to buy weapons and gadgets that will power your journey to save the picnic. Complete the game ...

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Hydro Racer 3D

You there, Speed demon! Do you want to go fast? Ofcourse you do, you live to go fast! In this fast paced racing game you will take control of your very own speedboat, which you can toss aside for an even faster one later. Either that or you can upgrade ...

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Save the Planet Earth

Asteroids are going to destroy our planet. It´s your job to destroy all of the incoming asteroids before they hit the Earth. You are the last tower of defence to save us all. Save the Planet Earth! You have 3 different missiles to use. You have guided missile from USA. Fast ...

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High Explosive

High Explosive is a unique physics puzzle- and action game where you have to reach the exit by exploding your way there! Carefully plan your strategy and utilize the environment to your advantage to ace each level and unlock cool new skins!   CONTROLS Tap the screen to cause an explosion. Hold down ...

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Lost Balloon

For every child that cried as a once-tethered balloon floated further and further out of reach, this is a game of hope. A quest for an unheard-of happy ending. A lost balloon that finds its way home!     Tap the screen and your balloon will release air and rise. Avoid the girders ...

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Psycho Kim

There are too many dictators in this world... Let's trap these famous bad guys and jail them for good on the prison island! Your mission: Trap as many dictators as possible on the jail island… you'll have to start with North Korea infamous KIM family!   You'll get rewarded by winning world ...

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Impossible Road

Guide THE VESSEL down the roller coaster-like track at speed, scoring for each gate you make it through. Navigate hair-pin bends, jumps, banked curves and adverse camber in the quest for the perfect line.   And when you learn how to cheat the game, and you discover that it is rewarded not ...

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Out now – Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition for Android

It’s finally here! The final Android version of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition appeared on the Play Store today, bringing Android specific optimizations, high-res fonts, overhauled user interface and much more. From now on, you can take this legendary RPG and carry it in your pocket or backpack wherever you go.


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Smash Bandits Racing – a crazy getaway racer lands on the Play Store

Hutch Games released the 3rd game (2nd on Android) from the Smash series where your only goal is to smash everything and stay alive as much as possible. In Smash Bandits Racing, you are playing as the delinquent driver who lives in a world where smashing material goods equals easy profits.


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Flood Rush – save the cute monkey

A brand new jumping game comes from “Black Feather Games”, a developer located in the rainy England. Flood Rush is a vertical platformer where you get to save the little monkey from drowning and help real life flood victims in England prevent future flooding in affected areas.


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Coming Soon – Bridge Constructor Medieval

From their HQ located near Cologne in Germany, Headup Games announced that their next game from the Bridge Constructor series is almost ready to be released on the Android Play Store. Bridge Constructor Medieval will be taking place in the age of castles and knights where constructing a bridge can be a real challenge, even for an experienced royal constructor such as yourself.


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iKOID bundles 4 Android games – To Rule Them All

Another Android bundle in the same week? Sure, why not. This one comes from iKOID and features 4 DRM-free, ads free games that can be yours for $1.49. Although no charity organizations are involved here, the indie developers and small publishers will receive up to 100% share of the bundle’s earnings.


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The Shadow Sun for Android enters open beta

Ossian Studios announced that the Android version of their famous iOS fantasy rpg game, The Shadow Sun, is ready to be beta-tested by the community. This beta is focused on testing the game performance on large variety of Android devices.


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Humble Mobile Bundle 5 goes live, brings 6 awesome Android games

Sooner than expected, the Humble Team is back with yet another Android bundle, introducing 6 DRM-Free games that will keep you busy for weeks ahead. As always, pay what you want to unlock some of the games, or beat the average price to get them all.


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Lost Town – new multiplayer gamebook fundrising campaign launched

The newly founded indie game developer FAR Entertainment Studio launched their first Indiegogo campaign and are now seeking support for their upcoming gamebook Lost Town. If successful, this sandbox multiplayer title will be available for Android, Amazon Fire (including Fire TV) and IOS.


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Be the cookie master in – Call of Cookie

Ankama Games announced the release of their new strategy game involving cookies and modern warfare. Set in the same universe as the successful comic book series Freaks’ Squeele,  Call of Cookie offers you the opportunity to literally bake your own army and crush your sugary opponents.


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Spandex Force: Champion Rising

Here is a brand new puzzle game that emerged on the Android Play Store over the weekend. Spandex Force: Champion Rising is a hexagonal match-3 RPG game by KarjaSoft, featuring superheroes, villains and old ladies in distress.


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