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New Star Soccer re-released as freemium game

One of the most addicting “sim” games on Android, New Star Soccer, was updated over the weekend, introducing couple of new features and one pretty big change. Developers decided to drop the price tag and offer the game free of charge. Hold on, what about all the customers that paid for their copy before? Well….

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FAQr – your faithfull gaming companion

We are going to slightly “bend” our Games-only rule by posting this app, but we do consider that many of you will find it helpful when playing games on your Android, PC or any other current-gen system or console. FAQr will help you get past that annoying part of the game you are playing, for free!

faqr-1 (15)

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[Weekend Gaming] Basketball games on Android hmm…

As many of you probably know, FIBA Eurobasket 2013 started just few days ago, and while still not popular as NBA in North America, we do enjoy watching the championship and rooting for our team / country. So just before the evening match yesterday, I got a call from a friend asking me if I knew some good basketball games for Android to try them out while grabbing a beer in the local bar and watching the game live. At that moment two games crossed my mind, NBA 2k13 and NBA Jam.

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