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Quick look on Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

What is your favorite TV Family of All Time? No, no, your other other favorite cartoon TV family that makes about as much sense as … hmm a goat flying around with a jetpack strapped to its back? Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Family Guy The Quest for Stuff for Android, signed by Fox and Tiny co. Freakin’ sweet?

family-guy- (2)

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Ski Arcade

While routinely browsing my daily mail subscriptions, I stumbled across a new Android game that reminded me of something that I used to play on my C64 years ago. It’s a game about insane downhill skiing and one disposable, pixalated character who doesn’t mind being killed over and over again. Rings a bell?


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Quick Look on Top Gear: Race the Stig by BBC

BBC Worldwide released their newest game for the Android platform, hoping to reach out and attract all the fans of the Top Gear show. Featuring no other than “The Stig” himself and “iconic vehicles from the TV show”, should be a reason enough to get your hopes up for an exciting racing experience.


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Catchy – Are you rich enough to play it?

Here is something you don’t see every day. A game that actually requires you to throw your Android device in the air to rack up points and win the match. How? It uses the build in accelerometer to calculate and award you with points that can be shared for everyone to see. Catchy is also “DANGEROUSLY FUN”, well at least according to the developers from “Orbit Games” it is.


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Table Top Racing released earlier than expected

The developers from the independent studio “Playrise Digital” announced that Table Top Racing, the game that was included in iTune’s ‘Best of 2013’ festive app selection in multiple countries and won the TIGA 2013 award of best start-up, is finally ready to be downloaded from the Play Store for free.


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Quick Look on Neon Beat, not your typical breakout clone

Ever since the dawn of arcade games, one particular title keeps returning in many forms and variations. The breakout game is perhaps a genre of its own and needless to say, one of the most popular arcade games ever created. Neon Beat is a nice remake developed by ” Gripati Digital Entertainment ” that tends to change the rules – just a bit – to keep you interested and waste considerable amounts of your time.


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Rapid Blocks – nifty fingers

As game developers and publishers start waking up from their winter hibernation (holidays, sobering up), new games started appearing on the Android Play Store. One of those titles is Rapid Blocks by ” SoumiDelRio”, a brand new puzzle game that seems to be completely free.

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First look on Angry Birds GO

The day that marks the expansion of the Angry Birds franchise is here as Rovio releases their highly anticipated kart racing game, Angry Bids GO, right on time. Will it live up to the expectations this developer set in their previous titles? Let’s take a quick look.
angry-birds-go- (71)

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Double Dragon Trilogy mini review, ready to kick some behinds

Originally developed by Technōs and published by Taito as coin-op arcade game in 1987, Double Dragon set couple of standards that were later adopted by many arcade games in the years to come. Almost 23 years later, Billy and Jimmy will complete their mission(s) once again on our portable devices in Double Dragon Trilogy by DotEmu.

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Quick Look on Skee-Ball Arcade, keep them rolling

Skee-ball machines have been around since the early 1900’s and many people enjoy playing them on regular basis. If you happen to be one of them, great news! Skee-ball Arcade, the only officially licensed Skee-Ball game has been released on the Android Play Store.

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