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LabRATory goes free to play

To celebrate the 10 Million App Downloads milestone, Tivola Publishing decided to remove the price tag from LabRATory, making it free to download and play for everyone. This cute puzzler (developed by BuboGames) featuring lab rats and crazy contraptions was also nominated for the German Developer Award for “Best Casual Mobile Game” in 2013.


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Sonic Racing Transformed goes free to play

SEGA excitedly announced that their most famous kart racer, Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed, is now free to play on both Android and iOS. Customers that previously bought the game have been awarded with a free VIP pass that unlocks certain features and removes the ads.


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G5 Entertainment offers 3 popular adventures for 99¢ each

From April 21st through April 27th, G5 Entertainment reduces the prices on three of their popular Android hidden-object adventure games, allowing you to save up to 80% on your purchases.


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Coming Soon – Bridge Constructor Medieval

From their HQ located near Cologne in Germany, Headup Games announced that their next game from the Bridge Constructor series is almost ready to be released on the Android Play Store. Bridge Constructor Medieval will be taking place in the age of castles and knights where constructing a bridge can be a real challenge, even for an experienced royal constructor such as yourself.


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iKOID bundles 4 Android games – To Rule Them All

Another Android bundle in the same week? Sure, why not. This one comes from iKOID and features 4 DRM-free, ads free games that can be yours for $1.49. Although no charity organizations are involved here, the indie developers and small publishers will receive up to 100% share of the bundle’s earnings.


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The Shadow Sun for Android enters open beta

Ossian Studios announced that the Android version of their famous iOS fantasy rpg game, The Shadow Sun, is ready to be beta-tested by the community. This beta is focused on testing the game performance on large variety of Android devices.


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Humble Mobile Bundle 5 goes live, brings 6 awesome Android games

Sooner than expected, the Humble Team is back with yet another Android bundle, introducing 6 DRM-Free games that will keep you busy for weeks ahead. As always, pay what you want to unlock some of the games, or beat the average price to get them all.


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Lost Town – new multiplayer gamebook fundrising campaign launched

The newly founded indie game developer FAR Entertainment Studio launched their first Indiegogo campaign and are now seeking support for their upcoming gamebook Lost Town. If successful, this sandbox multiplayer title will be available for Android, Amazon Fire (including Fire TV) and IOS.


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#Kickfailer – The developers from Little Worlds Studio need your help

The developers over at Little Worlds Studio are in trouble and they need your help to keep their jobs. Now, they reach out to the gaming community to support games that are already fully developed by launching the #Kickfailer campaign.


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As expected, the Humble Team updated their latest bundle with 3 additional games that can be played on Android and PC (Steam). The list now contains 9 titles that can be yours if you decide to beat the average price.


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