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Cube Bash

Cube Bash is all about testing your precision and quick-finger skills! Hit as many cubes as you can in 1 minute. For every 50 points, additional cube will pop from the Bash Machine.


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Quick Ninja Free

Unleash your inner “Quick Ninja” and pass loads of time with a highly addicting obstacle avoidance, side scrolling game. Slide, Jump and Run on route to getting a high score and see how you do compared to your friends. Quick Ninja is a guaranteed fun time, so much so that you must be aware that, “Once you go ninja, you’ll never go back.”


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Aztec Trouble

Get to the plane!  Aztec Trouble is a fast paced platform game that rewards you on your ability to survive and the speed at which you can master each level. Use your agility to reach the plane while avoiding the angry natives and pits of spikes.


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Full Steam Ahead

Brunel’s ss Great Britain, the Science Museum and Aardman Animations have joined forces to make this addictive ship building puzzle game. Let Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself be your guide as you create ships to solve the same challenges which the great engineer faced when designing the ss Great Britain.


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Shoot ’em up!

Immerse yourself on this “Wild Gunman” inspired retro arcade shooting game! Shoot the bandits before they shoot you and avoid killing the civilians!

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Pipe Puzzle

New addictive puzzle. Use your imagination and arrange the puzzle pipes and elbows to create a perfect piping connection between two points. Find out how much fun could be delivered by the…pipes !


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Bighead Flyer

What if your Superpower was having a “BIGHEAD” full of hot air? Could you fly like a bird? Help “BIGHEAD” navigate the treacherous skies in this awesome arcade hit!


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Z for Zombies

Use your word-finding skills to scavenge weapons and defend yourself from a never-ending horde of zombies. A two-part challenge, the first half tests your literary skills as you find words on a 4×4 grid of letters, while the second half requires you to use those words as weapons to fight off waves of zombies.


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Firewall: Sci-Fi Puzzle

Play as a meta-representation of a computer Firewall defending against a Super-Virus attack.Aim for a high Hit-Streak as well as a great Top Score! Simple to play but hard to master!


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In BARDBARIAN you play as Brad the Barbarian, who is (once again) awoken to the sounds of his town under siege. Today is no ordinary day though; Brad has grown tired of fighting. The XP grind has grown dull, and his heart beats with a musical bloodlust. Crafting a magic lute out of an old war axe, he steps outside…

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