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Precopter takes you back to the prehistoric times to relive the challenging life of an air-cab driver. In this action-strategic game you should fight against the time running out and the durability of your taxi. Be smart and quick. Several power ups will help you during your travel.


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Grapes Issue

Combining physics and arcade play styles, Grapes Issue is a puzzle game available on smartphones and tablets. Build the greatest amount of juice, crossing the levels through the vineyard and vine press! Unlock douzains of trap to solve the puzzle and play with the jumping grapes!


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Monster Adventures


Combining the monster-catching of Pokémon with the adventure elements of Zelda, Monster Adventures brings an all new blend of action/RPG gameplay to the Play Store! Catch, create and customize your own unique monsters while uncovering an interesting story. Journey deep into the wilderness to complete quests, find loot, and level-up your monsters. Then battle monsters in the renowned monster coliseum!


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Explore a new way of playing a classic arcade game, help little Tayl defeat several enemies, each with their own strange behaviors. Use Tayl’s powerful extensible tail and his energy shield to make the highest score on three challenging modes, and compare your score with the online leaderboard!


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Trial of Bones

You have taken the fate of the world into your own hands, and there is no way you are coming out of this alive. Will you be able to divert the worst possible outcome, or just delay the inevitable? Gather your courage now, you can find the strength later. The Trial of Bones awaits.

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Cheer Cubes

A cute and addictive puzzle game with a simple rule: match adorable cubes of the same color. The larger your sets the better your score. Challenge yourself and others in this pick-up-and play game that is fun and appropriate for the whole family!


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Pipes 3D

Pipes 3D is a simple, addictive, fun and challenging puzzle game which will make you think in 3D. It is inspired by numberlink aka flow type games, but instead of playing on a two dimensional plane, you get to play on a surface of a three dimensional cube. This game retains the enjoyment and simplicity of a regular flow-like games, as well as offers more challenging ways to play it for those who find regular numberlink type games just a little bit too easy.

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Iron Clouds

Defend your country from massive air attack! Enemy has large military force, but your reflexes and aim can save the day!


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Shibe the Doge is not gonna let anything stop his eternal quest to find the “Epic Wow”. Not even telekinetic laser-shooting cat heads and gelatinous dual-phasing ground-hopping rooster heads! Control Shibe as he zaps his way through the andromeda galaxy, where he uses his powers of rocket science and space physics to vaporize the enemies that gets in his way in the path to the “Epic Wow.” Wow!


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Bearded Punch Man

You’re half-naked, muscle bound, unshaven, and in the middle of an evil-mutant-penguin onslaught! You’ve got to count on your beard powered reflexes to punch your way to victory in this retro inspired, ridiculous game. Beat your friend’s high scores and make sure you fully embrace the power of the beard.


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