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Rustling sound approaches from the distance. It’s the barbarians, they launched another attack. Deploy the archers and heat the oil pots to repel the attack and save your villagers. Barbarians are violent creatures and must be stopped at all costs. The only thing standing in their way is THE WALL, use it wisely.


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Big Tower debuts on Android

A team of 4 individuals joined arms for the past year to work together on creating their first game ever on the Android platform. The fruit of their labor is “Big Tower”, a tower defense game with interesting plot and gameplay that encourages players to explore and combine towers while killing waves of enemies from different time periods.


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Tau Ceti, unleash the rockets

AMA and Mando production announced the release of their latest game “Tau Ceti”. Although the game is mainly described as tower defense, it also incorporates elements from the RTS and card-battle genres. The game is available on the Android platform exclusively, but will be released on other devices soon as well.


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Playground Wars, toddlers to the rescue!

Every kid enjoys spending time at the local playground, but what happens when bullies decide to take it over? They call upon the strongest kid among their ranks, “Alex” who helps them defend their kingdom against the pesky kids in Playground Wars, a brand new castle defense game by Glowdot Productions.

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Anomaly 2 is out

11 bit studios just released the sequel to their highly successful tower defense game “Anomaly: Warzone Earth”. There are plenty of new features waiting inside Anomaly 2, but the one that really stands out is the brand new multiplayer mode that will put your skills to a test against other people online.

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