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While waiting for PvZ 2, play Battle Bears Fortress

While still waiting for Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android (hint: it’s available for iOS), we can waste our time on another similar tower defense puzzle game, for example Battle Bears Fortress by SkyVu Entertainment that just came out of beta and seems to attract large amounts of positive reviews.

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Champs: Battlegrounds out now

Quark Games released their latest free to play cross-platform tactical strategy game available for Android and iOS. Champs: Battlegrounds offers single player campaign and competitive PvP match making over the internet. If you ever played any “Tactics” game, Champs: Battlegrounds will look very familiar.

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1941 Frozen Front – new turn based strategy game

1941 Frozen Front makes its way on the Google Play store after being available to iOS users for over a month, “Handy Games” decided to expand on the Android market as well. This is a freemium turn based hexagonal strategy game that is focusing on the eastern front conflict in WW II.

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Rymdkapsel released for Android

Rymdkapsel is a real time strategy game with Tetris elements, focusing only on building the base and it’s defenses. The game was released for Playstation mobile and iOS in May 2013, and now finally arrives on Android too.

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Battle Dragons

Battle Dragons goes live

Battle Dragons is the newest addition to the strategy / mmorpg genre and after few months of testing it finally goes live on the Google Play store. Spacetime Games, creators of the highly acclaimed Pocket Legends, are now tempting us with Dragons and battles on a massive scale.

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Tiny Token Empires Android game review

The Android market is packed with all sorts of color matching games, actually it’s over-saturated to say at least. Instead of just releasing another variation of bejeweled that hardly anyone will care about, Herocraft Ltd. made a bold move to combine two seemingly unmatchable genres, turn based strategy and color matching. The end result is charming game with cute graphics and touch of humor.

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Magic 2014 for Android hits the play store

Magic 2014 for Android

The most popular TCG of all times was just released in digital form for the Android devices. The game developer “Wizards of the Coast LLC” points out that the game is intended for use only on tablet devices, but there are no install restrictions regarding the screen size or resolution, so you are welcome to try it out for yourself. The initial game is free and you get 3 premade decks, each with 5 additional unlockable cards, the single player campaign plane of Shandalar, one Planeswalker duel and the sealed play mode.

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