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Northern Tale, clear the roads!

Vikings from the Northern lands lived in peace and harmony, minding their own business until the evil witch decided to attack and decolorize their world. Help them out in Northern Tale, a strategy-management game by Realore.

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Skylanders Battlegrounds released on Android

Nearly a year ago, Activision Publishing Inc. released Skylanders Battlegrounds on the iOS platform exclusively, accompanied by a set of miniature figurines (sold separately) that could be imported inside the game by using the included “portal of power”. The exclusivity agreement is probably over as Skylanders Battlegrounds recently appeared on the Android Play Store.

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Call of Duty: Strike team debuts on Android

Activision finally released their latest Call of Duty game on Android, featuring both tactical and 3D first person elements. CoD: Strike team was introduced to iOS users over a month ago, Android – as usual comes in second.

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D&D Arena of War now available on Android

“The Sundering” event that threatens to disturb the fine balance between good and evil has begun! Get ready to fight the forces of evil and restore the balance in Mobage’s latest RPG game, D&D Arena of War.

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Plants VS Zombies 2 Android – It was really about time

Three months ago EA released Plants vs Zombies 2 exclusively on the iOS platform, Android users were left in the dark. The game was supposed to launch at the same time, but that obviously didn’t happen for reasons known only to Apple (and EA). Well, the wait is over Plants vs Zombies 2 – It’s about time – has been released on the Play Store for everyone, without regional restrictions or other nonsenses.

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Combat Monsters arrives on Android

Rubicon Development released a brand new game, promising to deliver exciting turn-based battles and TCG style deck building. Combat Monsters arrived on Android today and can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.

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[Review] Dungeon Keeper for Android – It was Good to be Bad

Couple of days ago EA soft-launched 3 games on the Play Store available only in selected countries (for now). One of those game is Dungeon Keeper, a sounding name that older gamers will surely remember as one of the greatest strategy / management / God games ever created and now, now we get to play it on our mobile devices. Or do we?


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[New Release] Transport Tycoon finds its way on the Play Store

Transport Tycoon for Android is the latest re-make / port of the huge 1994 business simulator hit coming from 31X Ltd and Origin8 technologies, with Chris Sawyer’s blessing. It brings in brand new touch optimized UI and all the content featured in the original game.

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[Re-Release] Mecho Wars

As usual, Android users seem to be the least important customers when it comes to games released on multiple platforms. Looking on the bright side, we do get the better product in the end, highly polished, patched-up and ready to play. Meet Mecho Wars, the turn-based strategy game that really has something to offer for all the fans of the genre.

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Pixel Defenders Puzzle review

What happens when you finally crack from all the hardcore action you were involved lately while playing some of the action games? You start drifting away of course, and what better way to do that than chill out a bit with some good puzzle game, for example Pixel Defenders Puzzle.

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