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[Quick Look] Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Namco-Bandai decided to update their game library by releasing the second game from the Sky Gamblers series, Air Supremacy. This time, instead of the old WW I planes featured in the first game, you will get to fly modern (fictional) fighter jets against AI controlled opponents or your online friends.


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[New Release] Pinball Rocks HD – For those about to rock

Pinball Rocks HD is Sony’s latest game to hit the Play Store, offering a rock themed pinball experience on your Android phone or tablet. Get ready to complete missions, play bonus games, admire the graphics and shake your head back and forth while listening the background music selection composed of top rock artists.

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[New Release] Breach and Clear

Breach & Clear developed by “Mighty Rabbit” and published by “Gun Media” is the latest tactical warfare game available on the Google Play Store. Get ready to blast your way…wait no, “tactically infiltrate” (yes that’s the one) terrorist cell structures by assembling a team of real-world squads ranging from US Navy Seals, 75th Ranger Regiment, Canadian JTF2 and even more.

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Galaxy on Fire 2 HD – unleashed for all

Fishlabs Entertraintment decided to make their popular Tegra exclusive space combat game Galaxy on Fire 2 HD available to every Android user that has the hardware to support it. The game is available on the Google Play store for free.

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Spaceteam released on Android

Being a starship captain is easy, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a crew members who works on some console on the bridge? Your ship is falling apart, hull stress is reaching maximum tolerance, structural integrity fields are failing, life support is failing and its up to you and your teammates to patch it up and outrun the collapsing star.

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Free Android poker game – Casino League

Great news poker lovers, Konami just released Casino League on the play store, featuring live, tournament-style Texas Hold ‘Em. You will be competing with other players across the globe, climb tournament tiers and try to become the best of the best.

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Infinite Flight is finally here

Out of the blue

For all the fans of flight simulators games out there, Flying Development Studio LLC has released their Infinite Flight simulator on the Android platform. Initial impressions are piling up and they look more than promising.

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