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Out now – Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition for Android

It’s finally here! The final Android version of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition appeared on the Play Store today, bringing Android specific optimizations, high-res fonts, overhauled user interface and much more. From now on, you can take this legendary RPG and carry it in your pocket or backpack wherever you go.


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Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! debuts on Android

The developers from Inkle Studios, in collaboration with Steve Jackson, announced the release of Sorcery! Part 1 – The Shamutanti Hills on the Android platform. This game is the first of four digital re-imaginings of the famous adventure gamebook series.


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Rusted Emeth released on Android

Kemco fans will be pleased to know that another RPG title was just released on the Play Store today. Rusted Emeth follows the tradition of Kemco’s previous games in terms of quality, content and interesting storyline that should keep you busy until their next game hits the shelves in about a month.


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Swordigo released as free-to-play title

Touch Foo’s platformer that debuted on Android few months ago, thanks to Humble Mobile Bundle 3, is now available on the Play Store for free. Star exploring Swordigo’s magical world full of dungeons and towns, find lost treasures and slay all the monsters!


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Deus Ex: The Fall arrives on Android

Deus Ex: The Fall, the game that originally launched on iOS over 6 months ago (and was mysteriously delayed on the Android platform), is now finally available on the Play Store, Square Enix announced. After being pulled off from the market earlier today, (to fix some “issues”), the game is now back for good and can be purchased from anywhere in the world.

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Square Enix launches Final Fantasy IV: After Years

As we approach that time of the year, or otherwise called holiday shopping season, Square Enix decides to lure RPG fans by releasing Final Fantasy IV: After Years on the Android Play Store. This remake of the Final Fantasy IV sequel comes with updated graphics and optimized touch controls, ready to be consumed on the go.

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Marvel Avengers Alliance released on Android

Marvel decided to port their popular Facebook game on the Android platform. Assemble a team of Marvel heroes and try to stop Dr. Doom, Loki and other powerful villains before they lay their hands on the mysterious new substance ISO-8.

marvel-avangers- (2)

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Demonade Magical Party goes live in selected countries

The Japanese game developer “Ambition” announced that English version of their popular game “Mazoku no Jikan” is now available on Android Google Play Store  in 17 countries under the title “Demonade”. All users that pre-registered their accounts will receive 10 “Demonstones” as promised.

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Fortuna Magus, a Story of Grief released today

New fantasy RPG game was released today and it comes from “Kemco”, a Japanese video game developer and publisher that has been releasing games since 1985. Fortuna Magus, a Story of Grief is their latest game to hit the Play Store featuring an entangling storyline and gameplay optimized for mobile devices.

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D&D Arena of War now available on Android

“The Sundering” event that threatens to disturb the fine balance between good and evil has begun! Get ready to fight the forces of evil and restore the balance in Mobage’s latest RPG game, D&D Arena of War.

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