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Plants VS Zombies 2 Android – It was really about time

Three months ago EA released Plants vs Zombies 2 exclusively on the iOS platform, Android users were left in the dark. The game was supposed to launch at the same time, but that obviously didn’t happen for reasons known only to Apple (and EA). Well, the wait is over Plants vs Zombies 2 – It’s about time – has been released on the Play Store for everyone, without regional restrictions or other nonsenses.

pvz2- (32)

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[New Release] Where’s my Water 2

Swampy, Allie and Cranky are back and they are filthier than ever! Once again it’s up to you to guide the water and help Swampy and his friends fulfill their ultimate goal, to take a bath.  Where’s my Water 2 comes from Disney Studios and brings in about 100 new levels on 3 different locations.

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[New Release] Labyrinth Pro

Before reading the following entry, please note that AG cannot be held responsible if you break your device in anger. Now meet Labyrinth Pro, modern digital incarnation of the ancient labyrinth game that requires nerves of steel.

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[New Release] Wordament ® – Monday word puzzles

Another Monday, another game that will help you procrastinate from all the productive things you should be doing. It comes directly from “Microsoft Game Studios”, looks like “Scramble” and will make you see blocks of letters all day long. And yes, it’s online. Well…. sort of.

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[New Release] Combat Cats

Kitty Island was once a peaceful place filled with kittens sniffing catnip all day long. Then all of a sudden, the Aquarium Alliance decided to steal all the good stuff and drive the Kittens crazy. Fortunately, our feline friends are armed to the teeth, but will require your help as well to get all the catnip back. Only in Combat Cats by “New Horizon Games”.

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[New Release] Help the Zebuloids!

The Vogelz crash their spaceship on planet Zeb’s surface and in order to fix the vessel they need to gather dark matter and loot the planet for all the valuables they can find. The cute Zebuloids are not helpless as well and with your help they can counter this threat and drive the Vogelz off the planet. Zebuloids is a brand new 3D isometric puzzle game coming from Mando Production, the developer that gave us Babel Rising and Hills of Glory.

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[New Release] VludKin ClaNz

How about a nice puzzle-card game to start the week and help you get through Monday? How about VludKin ClaNz where you have to compete for control over the Vlud energy against your friend or the computer controlled AI, gather as much influence as you can and own the playfield.

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Pixel Defenders Puzzle review

What happens when you finally crack from all the hardcore action you were involved lately while playing some of the action games? You start drifting away of course, and what better way to do that than chill out a bit with some good puzzle game, for example Pixel Defenders Puzzle.

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Guardian Cross the TCG released for Android

Guardian Cross is the latest RPG and Trading Card game mix coming from Square Enix, the company behind the Final Fantasy series. The game will put you in a role of a hunter whose job is to acquire as many guardians as possible, upgrade them and become the ultimate champion. Guardian Cross already enjoys more than 1 million downloads on the iTunes, and now its available on the Google Play store free of charge.

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Rymdkapsel released for Android

Rymdkapsel is a real time strategy game with Tetris elements, focusing only on building the base and it’s defenses. The game was released for Playstation mobile and iOS in May 2013, and now finally arrives on Android too.

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