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LabRATory goes free to play

To celebrate the 10 Million App Downloads milestone, Tivola Publishing decided to remove the price tag from LabRATory, making it free to download and play for everyone. This cute puzzler (developed by BuboGames) featuring lab rats and crazy contraptions was also nominated for the German Developer Award for “Best Casual Mobile Game” in 2013.


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Spandex Force: Champion Rising

Here is a brand new puzzle game that emerged on the Android Play Store over the weekend. Spandex Force: Champion Rising is a hexagonal match-3 RPG game by KarjaSoft, featuring superheroes, villains and old ladies in distress.


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#Kickfailer – The developers from Little Worlds Studio need your help

The developers over at Little Worlds Studio are in trouble and they need your help to keep their jobs. Now, they reach out to the gaming community to support games that are already fully developed by launching the #Kickfailer campaign.


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Dice Roller – brain gymnastics on the go

In case you find ordinary puzzle games too easy to play, dull and repetitive and your brain is craving for more challenge, check out this title coming from Monzee Digital. Dice Roller is a board puzzle game that offers sufficient challenge and plenty of levels for our favorite price… free!


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Doors and Rooms 2 arrives on Android

Gameday inc. just released a sequel to their highly popular escape puzzler Doors and Rooms. Once again, your job is to exercise your brain, follow your instincts and solve puzzles to find the escape route.


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Bubble Shooter Mania

Bubble Shooter Mania is a brand new “Puzzle Bubble” inspired arcade game, developed by a small Serbian company called Wizards Time LLC. The familiar gameplay mechanics were spiced up with couple of features to make the game more appealing to mobile gamers.


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reTales – new match three game released on Android

If you feel like you had enough candies, gems and what not, try pairing things in the brand new world of reTales. Battle for survival by matching objects and defeat powerful bosses standing between you and your ultimate goal, to uncover the “Basis’ secrets”.


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Stackamunga – build a tower out of tetris blocks

Remember that one game where you had to build towers out of square shaped objects falling from above? Well… it just got a bit more complicated. This is Stackunga, a tower stacker game where instead of square shaped boxes, you have to stack Tetris blocks.


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Gentlemen…. and Ladies. Get ready to visit the town of Smallbridge where you will learn to play a new kind of sport, the Ricochet. The townsfolk of this great city are obsessed with it, and you are welcomed to stay as much as you want, play their unique Ricochet tables and have fun free of charge!


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Dominos, dominos everywhere in the Domingos

The Domingos by “TeaPOT Games” is a brand new physics puzzle game that just went live on the Play Store. It features, well, dominoes, but also things that roll, shoot, move, turn or even explode under your fingers.


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