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Hyperion Online launched as Open Beta

The German indie developer “The Games Foundation” invites you to participate in testing of Hyperion Online, their latest MMO set in outer space. The game was designed from the ground up specifically for tablets and smartphones and the Android version is the first one released in public, while  iOS, Windows Phone and other platforms will have to wait a bit longer.


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Smash Hit – your personal stress relief tool

The developers at “Mediocre”, responsible for Granny Smith and Sprinkle, released yet another addictive game with a strong message to deliver. Smashing glass objects will instantly make you feel better and can be quite relaxing after a stressful day at the office.


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INLOGIC Software relesed Zombie Chase 2

The wind blows over the houses, there is not a soul there, a dead town? No, but it is only a question of time! – The Zombies are invading the Wild West! Wait, isn’t that like robbing a police station? Yeah, well Zombies aren’t very smart after all, but will eat your brains if not killed in time.

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Quick Look on Top Gear: Race the Stig by BBC

BBC Worldwide released their newest game for the Android platform, hoping to reach out and attract all the fans of the Top Gear show. Featuring no other than “The Stig” himself and “iconic vehicles from the TV show”, should be a reason enough to get your hopes up for an exciting racing experience.


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Rusted Emeth released on Android

Kemco fans will be pleased to know that another RPG title was just released on the Play Store today. Rusted Emeth follows the tradition of Kemco’s previous games in terms of quality, content and interesting storyline that should keep you busy until their next game hits the shelves in about a month.


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Rabbit Dash featuring Benny the Bunny

The forest Benny the bunny lives in can be quite boring sometimes. Being rabbit and all, he decides to have some fun. And what better way to spend the afternoon than tease the neighboring pack of wolves and try to get away in one piece? Help Benny keep his head on his shoulders and start running in Rabbit Dash, brought to you by the same developer that released Kitty Flame.

rabbit-dash- (15)

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Swordigo released as free-to-play title

Touch Foo’s platformer that debuted on Android few months ago, thanks to Humble Mobile Bundle 3, is now available on the Play Store for free. Star exploring Swordigo’s magical world full of dungeons and towns, find lost treasures and slay all the monsters!


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Out There…. A dark adventure in outer space

Mi-Cos Studio’s long anticipated sci-fi adventure – Out There is finally here. Described as dark and melancholic, hard science fiction adventure game, Out There promises to deliver hours of fun exploring the galaxy while struggling to keep yourself and your ship in one piece.


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Artillery Strike hits the Play Store

A.M.A. (Advanced Mobile Applications) announced that their first 100% multiplayer game, Artillery Strike, was released on the Android Play Store yesterday. This war-themed, turn based strategy game allows you to take control of huge war machines and obliterate the battlefield.


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Gentlemen…. and Ladies. Get ready to visit the town of Smallbridge where you will learn to play a new kind of sport, the Ricochet. The townsfolk of this great city are obsessed with it, and you are welcomed to stay as much as you want, play their unique Ricochet tables and have fun free of charge!


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