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Mobfish Hunter – unorthodox fishing or something else?

Appxplore announced the release of Mobfish Hunter, an endless action-fishing game where fishing rods are replaced with explosive mines, bombs, grenades and other deadly tools designed just for you. Don’t worry, those fish are actually mutants and they are evil. So…


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Dice Roller – brain gymnastics on the go

In case you find ordinary puzzle games too easy to play, dull and repetitive and your brain is craving for more challenge, check out this title coming from Monzee Digital. Dice Roller is a board puzzle game that offers sufficient challenge and plenty of levels for our favorite price… free!


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Doors and Rooms 2 arrives on Android

Gameday inc. just released a sequel to their highly popular escape puzzler Doors and Rooms. Once again, your job is to exercise your brain, follow your instincts and solve puzzles to find the escape route.


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Subdog Underwater Adventure – more pixels!

Here is another pixelelated game with insane difficulty. This one is about a dog who decided to go for an adventure, explore the ocean floor and fight the marine monsters while searching for his bone. Subdog comes from the newly founded indie studio, Dark Pixel.


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Rustling sound approaches from the distance. It’s the barbarians, they launched another attack. Deploy the archers and heat the oil pots to repel the attack and save your villagers. Barbarians are violent creatures and must be stopped at all costs. The only thing standing in their way is THE WALL, use it wisely.


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EPOCH.2 – the Robot saga continues

Uppercut games, from their Underground Cryo-Bunker located somewhere in Australia, released the sequel of their famous 3rd person robot-shooting-mayhem game Epoch. Robots, guns, more robots, action packed levels, even more robots and stunning visuals. Also, more robots.


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DotEMU brings Little Big Adventure to Android

DotEmu announced that their latest port on Android, Little Big Adventure (also known as relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure), is now ready to be downloaded from the Play Store. Regardless if you played the original release or not, this isometric action-adventure will capture your attention and provide healthy 15+ hours of gameplay, even 20 years later.


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Polarbit released Rail Racing

From the developers of Raging Thunder and Reckless Getaway, comes another racer that puts you on rails, literally. Rail Racing is a colorful, action packed miniature slot car racing game that will find its place among casual gamers as well as seasoned veterans.


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The Running Dead – big, HUGE pixels

Newly founded indie game developer “Kronbits” launched, what appears to be the most pixelated zombie related Android game ever. How big should the pixels be to fully satisfy your pixel-art needs? Is this pixelated enough for you?


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Shopping Mall Parking – park like a pro

As part of the ongoing campaign “Adopt an Idiot“, that relieves parking related frustrations from around the world, the developers from “DevilishGames” released a brand new parking simulator where you can practice your parking skills to avoid finding your picture on their website.


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