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Smash Hit – your personal stress relief tool

The developers at “Mediocre”, responsible for Granny Smith and Sprinkle, released yet another addictive game with a strong message to deliver. Smashing glass objects will instantly make you feel better and can be quite relaxing after a stressful day at the office.


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Pulse debuts on Android

After nearly 2 years on the App Store, “Cipher Prime Studios” finally decided to port their award-winning rhythm based game Pulse over to the Android platform, including all the improvements the game received in the meantime.

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Zumba Dance debuts on Android

Exercise and video games, trend that started couple of years ago thanks to modern computers and consoles, providing the motivation you need to start exercising (hopefully). If you own some Android tablet device with camera, Zumba Dance will help you get in shape by dancing to the music of various popular artists.

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Way of the Dogg review for Android

Now you can look to the Sun, and spot the moon

Try imagining a rhythm fighting game, featuring Snoop Dogg as the kung-fu and time travel master teaching you how to fight after the beats of his music while you try to revenge your girlfriend’s death by beating the crap out of everyone involved in the case. Because it all makes perfect sense….

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