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Hospital Manager by Microïds released on the Play Store

Hospital Manager is a brand new business and crisis management game coming from Microïds and CCCP studio. Don’t be fooled by the title, this game bares little to no resemblance with with real life medical conditions (or common sense for that matter). In fact, even the developer said that Hospital Manager is all but serious, and yes, it does look like it was inspired by Theme Hospital.


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Quick look on Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

What is your favorite TV Family of All Time? No, no, your other other favorite cartoon TV family that makes about as much sense as … hmm a goat flying around with a jetpack strapped to its back? Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Family Guy The Quest for Stuff for Android, signed by Fox and Tiny co. Freakin’ sweet?

family-guy- (2)

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Rustling sound approaches from the distance. It’s the barbarians, they launched another attack. Deploy the archers and heat the oil pots to repel the attack and save your villagers. Barbarians are violent creatures and must be stopped at all costs. The only thing standing in their way is THE WALL, use it wisely.


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G5 Giveaway: Special Enquiry Detail 2 & Build-a-lot 3

Yet again, the managers from G5 decided to delight their fans (and casual gamers in general), by releasing not one, but two of their games for free. Special Enquiry Detail 2 is a hidden-object where you get to investigate the brutal killing of several young brides, while Build-a-lot 3 is a time management game where players can build their real-estate empires from scratch.


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Jungle Cafe – Monkey Business

Here is a brand new game for all the time-management fans out there. Once again, your job is to successfully take customer orders, serve their food and collect the money as fast as possible. Plot-twist, your customers are monkeys and your restaurant is a Jungle Cafe.


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Fiz: Brewery Management Game – Brew some Beer

The game that started as a drunken idea and got a successful kickstarter campaign going, after a year and a half is finally here. Beer and devoted fans of the tycoon-style management genre can finally raise their virtual pints and celebrate the arrival of Fiz: Brewery Management Game.

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Fantastic Farm released

Maggie is a young graduate from “School of Magic” that decides to use her newly acquired powers to grow vegetables more efficiently. Grow plants, harvest, care for the animals and sell your products in latest Android time-management / farm game from Kristanix.


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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star available worldwide

LucasArts, (aka Disney), removed all regional restrictions on their newest free sim/management game Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. You can now grab the game wherever you may live and start building your ultimate tiny Death Star.

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Northern Tale, clear the roads!

Vikings from the Northern lands lived in peace and harmony, minding their own business until the evil witch decided to attack and decolorize their world. Help them out in Northern Tale, a strategy-management game by Realore.

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Pocket Harvest, is that a cow in your pocket?

Japanese game developer Kairosoft, finally decided to translate their latest game Pocket Harvest and release it for the rest of the world to play with. Put away your guns, time to grow some crops and win contests with your veggies.

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