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Spirit Run – Fire vs Ice

Lunagames announced today the release of their latest title Spirit Run – Fire vs Ice, an endless 2D runner game with retro-style graphics that should please even the pickiest pixel junkies out there. Get ready to master your spirit powers, conquer the elements and top the leaderboards.


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Quick Look on Top Gear: Race the Stig by BBC

BBC Worldwide released their newest game for the Android platform, hoping to reach out and attract all the fans of the Top Gear show. Featuring no other than “The Stig” himself and “iconic vehicles from the TV show”, should be a reason enough to get your hopes up for an exciting racing experience.


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Rabbit Dash featuring Benny the Bunny

The forest Benny the bunny lives in can be quite boring sometimes. Being rabbit and all, he decides to have some fun. And what better way to spend the afternoon than tease the neighboring pack of wolves and try to get away in one piece? Help Benny keep his head on his shoulders and start running in Rabbit Dash, brought to you by the same developer that released Kitty Flame.

rabbit-dash- (15)

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Kitty Flame: Highway Warrior

When cats get mad, they usually tear things up with their razor sharp claws, but not this one. This one is bad to the bone and instead of scratching, this renegade kitty uses raw firepower to stop the evil canine gang and their heavy machinery.


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The Great Martian War

In a spectacular “What if?” style, History’s “The Great Martian War” offered a allegorical tale re-imaging the years 1913 to 1917 where the humankind waged a war against the extraterrestrial invaders. Now, for the first time in this universe, you have a chance to experience the battle first-hand in this brand new endless runner by “Secret Location”.


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Bubble Jet Raider, the soapy explorer

Bubble Jet Raider by WinnicoGames is a brand new endless runner that appeared on the Play Store few days ago. This time, instead of running (or swimming, flying and what not), the player has the opportunity to explore underwater caves by guiding the merry adventurer and his soap bubble through levels full of dangerous crystals that can burst the improvised submarine if touched.


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Ratchet and Clank: Before the Nexus appeared on the Play Store

Without drawing too much attention, Sony pushed a brand new game on the Play Store, Ratchet and Clank: Before the Nexus. Before you get all excited, note that this game is actually a 3 lane endless runner and except for the setting, it doesn’t share to many similarities with other games from the franchise.


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Dhoom 3 The Game launches on Android

The highly anticipated upcoming Bollywood action thriller movie Dhoom3, just got its own game that should keep all the fans busy while waiting for the premiere on December 20. Dhoom 3 The Game was debuted exclusively on the Windows phone marketplace about a month ago and is now available worldwide for download on iOS, Android and Blackberry 10 platforms.


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Oregon Whale, reach the promised land on the back of your whale

Ishmael, a humble farmer, decides to leave his native Easternseaboardia in search for better life. His final destination is Oregon and he plans on getting there by strapping his wagon on the back of a whale.

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[New Release] Headless – Don’t stop running like a headless chicken!

The soul’s escaping, through this hole that is gaping, but he must keep running even with his head cut off in “Double Smith’s” new endless runner, Headless. OK, that line was terrible…. but this game isn’t! It’s about running headless chicken trying to get god knows where. What more could you possibly want.

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