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First look on Angry Birds GO

The day that marks the expansion of the Angry Birds franchise is here as Rovio releases their highly anticipated kart racing game, Angry Bids GO, right on time. Will it live up to the expectations this developer set in their previous titles? Let’s take a quick look.
angry-birds-go- (71)

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Beat the Boss 3 is out

Just before you start celebrating the upcoming holidays, Game Hive developers released Beat the Boss 3. A perfect timing to vent all your anger before starting the new 2014 and give your boss what he deserves. Make this a New Year resolution you should definitely fulfill.

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Double Dragon Trilogy mini review, ready to kick some behinds

Originally developed by Technōs and published by Taito as coin-op arcade game in 1987, Double Dragon set couple of standards that were later adopted by many arcade games in the years to come. Almost 23 years later, Billy and Jimmy will complete their mission(s) once again on our portable devices in Double Dragon Trilogy by DotEmu.

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Nakama, pixelated Ninja master

Crescent Moon Games, the developers that gave us Ravensword: Shadowlands – a visually stunning open-world RPG game, decided to prove their skill yet again by releasing something completely different. This is Nakama, a free 2D pixel art / beat-em-up game featuring Ninjas, friends and boss fights.

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Quick Look on Skee-Ball Arcade, keep them rolling

Skee-ball machines have been around since the early 1900’s and many people enjoy playing them on regular basis. If you happen to be one of them, great news! Skee-ball Arcade, the only officially licensed Skee-Ball game has been released on the Android Play Store.

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Wizard Walls, protect the sheep

Vicious Trolls and Goblins are attacking the village and sheep are your first line of defense! Since their primary role in this world is not to win fights against mythical beings, you will have to land a hand by using powerful magic to counter the incoming boulders. Only in Wizard Walls for Android.

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Tank Battles Mini Review

Tank Battles by Gameloft is a multidirectional shooter where you get to pimp your very own ride that also happens to be a vicious war machine. Follow general “McTankerson” orders, win tournaments, complete missions and kill your friends online to top the leaderboard.


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[Quick Look] Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Namco-Bandai decided to update their game library by releasing the second game from the Sky Gamblers series, Air Supremacy. This time, instead of the old WW I planes featured in the first game, you will get to fly modern (fictional) fighter jets against AI controlled opponents or your online friends.


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[New Release] Pinball Rocks HD – For those about to rock

Pinball Rocks HD is Sony’s latest game to hit the Play Store, offering a rock themed pinball experience on your Android phone or tablet. Get ready to complete missions, play bonus games, admire the graphics and shake your head back and forth while listening the background music selection composed of top rock artists.

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[Review] Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing

SEGA has been re-releasing some of their popular Sonic titles on the Play Store lately, covering the platform genre nicely. This time however, it’s not about running and collecting rings. It’s about racing and wreaking havoc, collecting power-ups, piling up SEGA miles and improving your license.

sonic-sega-allstars- (35)

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